LaVerne Gardner Lindsay Stewart Scholarship Awarded to Rising-Star Youth in Michigan

· Kym Brady, First Recipient in Michigan · Youth Achiever, Rising Star · $1,000 Scholarship

​​​Kym Brady, known as the “Urban Violinist,” received the LaVerne Gardner Lindsay Stewart Scholarship during the 2016 Career Mastered Leadership in Action Awards on March 14 at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Detroit Riverfront Hotel. She also received the 2016 Career Mastered Rising-Star Award.  Kym is an honor student at O.W. Best Middle School in Dearborn Heights, MI.  Her achievements include academic honor roll, top accelerated reader, music achievement, good citizenship and many other awards.

During the past four years, Kym has become an exceptional and innovative violinist that enjoys producing the elements of music through an array of genres ranging from pop, rock, R & B, and classical.  Her performances display a positive youth expressing a new wave and new movement for the city.  Kym says she plays to regenerate life to our state and to present a fresh outlook for the future.

"It is about the next generation and what we can do to ensure their success." Dr. Lisa Wicker, Founder Excel Village Center for Learning

The Board and Trustees of Excel Village Center for Learning is pleased to award $1,000 to Kym Brady says Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker, Board Chair and Founder of Excel Village.  “Kym represents the essence of the late LaVerne Gardner Lindsay Stewart’s life of positive choices, unfailing hope, useful gifts, educational honors and integrity.” Our Board of Trustees is pleased to award this scholarship in conjunction with our corporate sponsor, Stopit.

 “We are thrilled to help support the vision of Excel Village and accelerate the careers of young rising stars,” Todd Schobel, President & CEO STOPit, explained.  STOPit shares Excel Village’s goal of empowering tomorrow’s leaders. Whether it’s encouraging up-stander behavior with our anti-bullying software or positive leadership behaviors for our youth.”

 About LaVerne Gardner Lindsay Stewart Scholarship:

The LaVerne Gardner Lindsay Stewart Scholarship is awarded to a promising rising star students during the Annual Career Mastered Awards, the leading Women’s History Month Award Program in Michigan and North Carolina honoring today’s women leaders who are Game Changers who take charge of their careers and their futures.  The Scholarship is awarded to the most promising students who show great academic or entrepreneurial potential. The late LaVerne Gardner Lindsay Stewart was an Author and Poet who graduated with honors and penned her class song.

About Excel Village Center for Learning:

Excel Village Center for Learning is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to create winning futures and careers in community areas most needed at the elementary, junior-high and high school level. The organization offers an evidenced-based life-skills curriculum to aid in the implementation of winning futures and careers. Programs include Life-Skills Curriculum, Career Mastered Rising Star Award, Mentoring, and Excel Honors Awards.  All donations are tax deductible.



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