Launchmetrics Inks Partnership With Temera - the Premier IoT Solutions Company - to Create the Industry's Most Efficient RFID Sample Management Solution

As brands seek to reduce waste, become more sustainable and cut losses, RFID technology introduces a seamless way for brands to help optimize product management processes all while minimizing their footprint

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Launchmetrics, the leading Brand Performance Cloud for the Fashion, Luxury & Beauty (FLB) industries, announces its partnership with Temera, the premier IoT solutions company in the industry. Through their collaboration, Launchmetrics and Temera will offer Fashion's most efficient RFID sample management solution to help brands streamline their sample management processes, while integrating directly with their ERP, PLM, DAM systems. 

In today's climate and as brands are seeking areas to reduce waste, become more sustainable and cut losses, they're turning to digital solutions to help increase their efficiency and optimize their processes. When fashion companies scale to the point that they begin lending samples across the globe, there's a high risk of losing these valuable brand assets. Luckily, sample management and tracking software, which use RFID tags, can control exactly which products have left the showroom, where they are, if they're on their way back to the studio or if they've been misplaced. Because of RFID sample tracking, fashion companies have reportedly experienced up to an 85% reduction in sample loss

Thanks to this unique partnership between Launchmetrics and Temera, brands will:

  • Increase their time to market, while saving on data integration costs
  • Gain control of their valuable prototype, sample, and product assets from day one
  • Have real-time visibility of product movements, on a global scale, direct from production 
  • Reduce bottlenecks in operational processes through more accurate data integrations, by connecting directly their ERP, PLM and DAM systems. 

"Over the last decade, Launchmetrics and Temera have established themselves as industry allies, providing innovative solutions and strategic consulting to a wide range of Fashion and Luxury brands all over the world. And now, thanks to this partnership, a game-changing approach to the PR world is born - with traceability at its core." - Guido Mengoni, CMO at Temera.

"At Launchmetrics, we aim to create the most efficient and seamless business solutions for our brand partners, to support them from day one," states Arnaud Roy, Chief Strategy Officer at Launchmetrics. "We are constantly evolving and working with the industry's most trusted organizations to drive innovations further and so our partnership with Temera was clear, thanks to their skilled know-how and advanced IoT technology, we can now bring forward our Samples solutions to clients worldwide, with greater speed and accuracy."

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Katherine KNIGHT, Communications Director

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