Launch of a New Power Practice Builder Service, a Unique Lead Generation Service for Attorneys

A new Attorney Lead Generation Program, called Power Practice Builder, a service created to provide valuable, quality leads for attorneys.

BusinessCreator, Inc., an established leader in local search marketing, lead generation, mobile marketing, social marketing and video marketing for attorneys, today announced the launch of a new Attorney Lead Generation Program, called Power Practice Builder, a service created to provide valuable, quality live call leads for attorneys.

According to BusinessCreator, Inc. President Edward Kundahl, the Power Practice Builder service will be available for purchase on immediately and will be available by calling 855-943-8736 or email

"Our Power Practice Builder is a unique marketing program," said Kundahl. "Attorneys will receive quality lead calls month in and month out with our Power Practice Builder service.”

“Law firms have learned that trying to rank high on search engine pages in medium to large cities for a given keyword with a large number of competing websites is almost impossible.  In a great many cases, keyword competition is so intense that it could take many months, or even years to show results with other SEO companies. Then, of course, you must hope that Google doesn’t come up with an update that drops you off the page into oblivion.  The cost at the attempt to rank an attorney for their “money” keyword phrases can be in the tens of thousands of dollars and in most cases not be successful.  And as many attorneys have learned, the cost of pay per click for their keywords has continued to rise over the last few years.  In addition, the ROI for pay per click programs is variable and unpredictable,” said Kundahl.

“Our Search Engine Keyword Results (SEKR) proprietary technology is immune to Google updates.  Our customers always enjoy ranking on page 1 of Google—not for just 1 keyword, but for 15, 30 or 50 keywords.  We select competitive keywords that will bring in the greatest ROI.  Most SEO companies will not try to rank keywords when there are more than 40,000 competing websites. It could take years, if at all, to get page 1 rankings in higher competition markets using the obsolete methods of most SEO companies,” continued Kundahl.

“Not only will we place you on page 1 of Google quickly, we will keep you there since our technology is immune to Google updates.  Can you image what would happen to your competition when you are dominating 15, 30 or 50 keywords on page 1 of Google?  Using our proprietary Search Engine Keyword Ranking (SEKR) technology, we analyze these keywords and rank them on page 1 of Google organic and video search results. The result is page 1 rankings on the #1 and #2 search engines in the world often IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS.  If you want to increase traffic to your law firm’s website or video and get your phone to ring, you MUST compete for very competitive keywords.  Our program is completely scalable.  We can bring in targeted traffic down to the zip code level and run national campaigns with ease,” concluded Kundahl.

To learn more about the Power Practice Builder lead generation service for lawyers, call 855-943-8736 ext. 6 and ask for Linda or email

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Founded in 1994, BusinessCreator, Inc. has helped many businesses with local search marketing, lead generation, mobile marketing, social marketing and video marketing. The company's mission statement is "We make local businesses grow. Ask us how".

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