Launch a Career in Musical Theatre

Maybe it has been one's dream to take part in musical theatre and discover one's acting and singing talents. Impact Centres make this dream come true with its musical theatre lessons in Dubai.

​Whether one is a child or an adult, if one is talented in music and/or drama or like to master these skills, the Impact Centres in Dubai is one of the best place where they could enrol themselves.

The arts centres offer musical theatre lessons in Dubai for children starting from age four to adults of any age. Musical theatre, a form of theatrical performance which combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance, has been growing in popularity across the world. The story and emotional content of a musical are communicated through words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated package.

Impact Centres Dubai

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The different musical theatre classes available at Impact Centres are:

  • Implings (Age 4 and 5) (Creative music, drama and movement class, of 60 minute duration) - This class teaches basic theatre techniques using song, music, dance, imagery and games. There are fun exercises designed to improve confidence, discipline and social skills, as well as stimulate the imagination and creativity. The well-trained and experienced instructors adapt themselves to suit the different developmental needs of students.The students get to display what they learnt at a play or showcase produced each term.

  • Imps (Age 6 – 8) (Creative music, drama and movement class, of 90 minute duration) - Similar to the Implings class, but with more focus on learning scripts, songs and dance routines. The Imps’ and Implings’ combined talents are put on display at the end-of-term plays and showcases.

  • Musical Theatre Formula 3 (Beginners - Age 9 – 12/of 120 minute duration) - Imps and Implings graduate to more mature and in-depth studies at this class. They receive a higher degree of tuition in all disciplines of voice, drama and dance, and are prepared for two productions per year in their own category.

  • Musical Theatre Formula 2 (Intermediate - Age 13 – 16/of 150 minute duration) - These classes are performance orientated, providing a combination of Broadway and modern day disciplines. Students are instructed in dance choreography, study voice and acting, and learn the repertoire for an annual showcase and the major group production held every year.

  • Musical Theatre Formula 1 (Advanced - Age 17 – adult/of 180 minute duration) - This senior class follows directly from Formula 2, with more advanced training and a higher level of proficiency. These students will be the principal actors in an annual showcase and the major group production every year.

The Impact Centres are the premier arts centre in Dubai and are located at DUCTAC in Mall of the Emirates, DIAC in Jumeirah and at Motor City Control Tower. Due to growth in demand, they plan to expand to Abu Dhabi and Muscat, Oman too, with the aim of becoming the institutes of choice for music, dance, drama and all performing arts in the Middle Eastern region.