Announces Huge Success With Online Marketing Campaign for the Online Dating Website

LatterDatingSaints is an online dating website catered towards LDS singles. They have had tremendous success with their online marketing campaign. With the help of a local marketing firm, the company has been able to achieve massive keyword ranking improvements. 

The owner of Latter Dating Saints has relied upon top ranked keywords in the search engines to ensure the success of his companies performance. They have found it is mandatory to be in the top-ranked search positions in order to drive qualified traffic towards their websites.

We have found that top ranked keywords in the search engines are a major key to success.

Kara Hansen, Owner

They have found that in order to rank to the top positions in the search engines that many factors are involved. Having a mobile responsive website, regular blog updates, properly optimized content and a high volume of trusted backlinks are all needed in order to make things really work.

Years ago they were on the first page of Google, just sitting there without much movement. They decided it was time to improve their website rankings for the website they manage so they hired a local web development company in order to increase their ROI.

The success has been more than enough, to our surprise. We have been able to rank to the top positions on Google for our primary keywords such as “LDS Singles” and “LDS Dating Sites” and the results are very promising. There are so many companies fighting for the top positions in the search engines, now we know why. There are hundreds of potential customers visiting our website every single day now that we are in the top positions.

They have also found that having a mobile responsive website is mandatory. When online sales are analyzed they have seen that more than 60 percent of all online orders came from a mobile device. It is mandatory to have a mobile-optimized website in this year of 2018. No longer can business owners get away with an outdated website.

Please visit to learn more about the online dating platform that they manage and run. 

Source: LatterDatingSaints

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