'Last Man Standing' Reboot Will Not Be a Top Revenue Generator for Fox

The Tim Allen reboot will likely hold its own during the Friday 8 P.M. timeslot against shows on competing broadcast networks, according to new report from SQAD.

Comparing the final season of "Last Man Standing" to current shows on its reboot network, Fox, indicates the show may not be a top revenue generator, according to a new report from SQAD - an advertising research, analytics, and planning company. However, the reboot will likely compete well in the Friday 8 P.M. timeslot against programs on other major broadcast networks.

“When we look at the show's ad cost performance during its final season on ABC and compare it to current shows on Fox, 'The Last Man Standing' is not breaking any network records - finishing at least 74% behind 'Empire,'" explains Dan Klar, VP of Product Development for SQAD MediaCosts: National. "However, the reboot is not competing against other Fox programming, and that's where you see the network's larger strategy. Measuring 'Last Man' against programs airing on the same timeslot on other networks, we see that it ranks much higher in average ad costs, finding a spot just behind ABC’s ‘Fresh off the Boat.’”

There is a chance that this new iteration of the show could outperform its final season and come out on top of the competition.

Dan Klar

VP of Product Development for SQAD

Analyzing the Friday 8 P.M. timeslot, the last season of "Last Man Standing" comes out ahead of "Blindspot" (NBC) by 12%, "MacGyver" (CBS) by 25%, and "Dynasty" (CWN) by 183% (based on 2017-18 ad cost averages).

"Of course, all of this speculation assumes the advertisers will be as interested in the new version of the show as they were in its final season on ABC," says Klar. "There is a chance that this new iteration of the show could outperform its final season and come out on top of the competition. We won't know for sure until the new 2018 upfront ad cost numbers hit the buying systems of our contributors."

Find the full report on the SQAD website: DATA REPORT: "Last Man Standing" Reboot on Fox


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Source: SQAD


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