Canadian Advertising Agencies Lead Transparency Revolution for Ad Cost Benchmarking

In partnership with SQAD, Canadian Advertisers become world leaders for transparent cost benchmarking and negotiation equity

A first-of-its-kind Canadian ad cost data platform was announced today by SQAD, LLC – the leading provider of advanced media planning software and transaction-based ad cost data. The platform, MediaCosts: Canada, aggregates negotiated market ad cost values for conventional National TV, Selective and Specialty TV, as well as Radio advertising, exclusively for data-contributing advertising agencies, brands, and media companies who subscribe.

“All advertisers are looking for a verifiable return on their media investments. Media companies want to more accurately analyze competitor performance to prove value to clients, and better compete in the marketplace,” said Alastair Taylor, CEO of Publicis Media Canada. “Transparency in ad costs is critical and provides immense value for all parties in the Canadian market. When those at the negotiating table are aligned to a centralized cost benchmark, everyone wins.”

“For years, the Canadian market has desired transparency and benchmarking for ad costs,” explained Michele Pauchuk, consultant and former Canadian Media Directors' Council: CMDC board member. “With access to a common market currency, agencies, brands and media companies have an unprecedented advantage in delivering equitable negotiations and cost validation.”

The data in SQAD MediaCost: Canada is aggregated from a proprietary technology bridge that transmits comprehensive transaction data directly from contributing agencies across Canada. All of the data is anonymized and made available to subscribers for comparative analysis, market trends, network analysis for internal performance validation, and year-over-year market insights. The data also includes CPP and CPM reporting on a low/average/high scale, and markets/stations analysis for Selective, Specialty, and Radio.

“Canadian industry leaders shared with us their need for comprehensive market transparency,” said Marc Krigsman, CEO of SQAD. “We started working closely with leading agencies and trade organizations to develop a market cost reporting tool that meets the high standards of transparency and benchmarking demanded by Canadian advertisers.”

To learn more about MediaCosts: Canada and access sample data reports from the new system, please visit or email

SQAD LLC. has been an industry leader for more than four decades, processing more than $1 trillion in real U.S. transaction ad costs from advertising housekeeping systems for its MediaCosts benchmarking platform. SQAD also provides audience analytics research tools through SQAD MediaLogic, and provides advertisers and agencies the mission-critical media planning software, MediaTools – a robust and flexible end-to-end media planning solution. Learn more at

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