Las Vegas Housing Market Explodes as #1 Safest City in the USA From Natural Disasters, Sites

The U.S. disaster avoidance map, using advanced AI, has pinpointed Las Vegas as the safest city from tornadoes, forest fire, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and power outages. The Las Vegas real estate market is seeing unprecedented growth going into 2022 as businesses and families look for affordable housing, long-term stability, and the safest places to live in the USA.

US Disaster Avoidance Map

Las Vegas is poised to become one of the most dominate hubs for international business as companies take a long-term and sustainable look at supply chains and distribution. The two main factors being taken into consideration are not just protecting the businesses' ability to remain operational, but attracting workers with affordable housing and a lifestyle. Recently, companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google have been expanding their distribution and data centers in the Las Vegas valley. Industry experts predict this is just the beginning of a huge migration that will continue into 2022 as Las Vegas attracts companies that need reliability. 

"Home buyers from out-of-state are shocked that they can afford to live in some of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas." - James Meadows, REALTOR

The U.S. disaster avoidance map takes into consideration tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages, tsunamis and location to nuclear power plants. Taking all these factors into account along with the ability to produce renewable energy, Las Vegas has emerged the clear winner. Companies such as Switch have built some of the most advanced and most efficient data center campuses in the world in Las Vegas, such as Switch's Tier 5® Platinum-rated multi-tenant/colocation data centers with capacity of up to 3.5 million square feet of data center space and capacity to deliver up to 430 MW of power. Their clients include Fortune 1000 companies such as eBay, HP, EMC, Intel, DreamWorks, Shutterfly, Sony, Boeing and Amazon. 

James Meadows, a Realtor and industry leader in Las Vegas real estate, says, "We have companies moving to Las Vegas bringing in new industries and jobs with excited home buyers who could not afford to buy in, say, California." He says home buyers from out-of-state are shocked that they can afford to live in some of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas. He also goes on to add the 30%+ of the buyers' market are Californians escaping the high taxes and cost-of-living for a new life and lifestyle. Companies are finding Las Vegas to be a strategic hub based on solid data for location of business and their employees. 

Some of the largest technology companies in the world today have done their research and are betting big on Las Vegas. Robotic delivery upstart Nuro said it was investing $40 million to set up an assembly facility and test site near Las Vegas in preparation for ramping up the production of thousands of battery-powered robotic delivery vehicles. Zoox, an Amazon-backed start up, says it will launch a robot taxi service in Las Vegas and has completed successful six-lane navigation tests. For more information on the current Las Vegas housing market, contact James Meadows at 702-882-8240 or see all 4,532+ Las Vegas homes for sale at



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