Larsen Digital Now Offers DAT Tape Digital Transfers to CD or MP3 File

Larsen Digital now offers DAT Tape transfer service to CD or MP3 file; getting professional transfers of digital audio tapes has never been easier

 Larsen Digital, a professional photo and film scanning company, has been in the business of converting old analog media to digital since 1995. What once started out as only scanning slides and negatives has broadened to movie film, video tapes, photos, reel to reel audio and much more. Now, Larsen Digital is offering the service of transferring DAT Tapes to digital MP3 file or audio CD. 

DAT audio tapes were first introduced to the US market in 1987 by Sony. DAT audio tapes primarily focused on the professional markets. The case is smaller than traditional audio tapes, so the smaller tape is often mistaken for a video tape. DAT can record at higher, equal or lower sampling rates than a CD. When DAT data is transferred off, it is an exact clone. Unlike traditional audio tapes, DAT can only be recorded in one direction, similar to a video tape. When recording on a DAT, you can create individual track numbers, similar to a CD. This is not an option available on traditional audio tapes.

Due to the cost of the digital tapes, DAT tapes were not widely adopted by consumers due to cost.  In the 1990s DAT was used by the professional audio business. The music industry also had concerns about unauthorized use of a DAT and the high-quality audio it stored. In 2005, Sony announced that it would discontinue production of DAT players.  This has led to a concern for owners of DAT because they are left with few options to get their data off the tape.

Larsen Digital will take the DAT and transfer the MP3 files off tape. Customers can receive the MP3 files that they download directly from Larsen Digital. Once the files are in MP3 format, customers can edit the clips, upload them online, and share with friends and family. Otherwise Larsen Digital can create a playable CD with the audio files.  This CD can be played on any CD player.

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Source: Larsen Digital