Larsen Digital Issues "Get Organized" Resolution Challenge

Larsen Digital Services is issuing a Challenge for the upcoming New Year for those pursuing a goal of getting more organized.

Scanning Service Organization Resolution Challenge

Larsen Digital Services is issuing a Challenge for the upcoming New Year for those pursuing a goal of getting more organized.  Many prospective clients of Larsen Digital state that one of their main concerns in getting their film out the door is the “burden” of having to sort through all their physical memories.  While this is a realistic worry, it truly is a lot simpler than it seems, and the end result will leave you even more organized than before!  Organizational benefits of converting film to digital include, but are not limited to:

·         Physical film becomes more orderly.  Sending your film in for digital conversion allows most people the opportunity to go through their film and really think about which frames are most vital to them, and organizing those select film pieces.  In fact, if film is digitally stored in a safe and backed up manner, there really is no need to even keep the film, freeing up space in your home or office.

·         Digital Images are easier to access!  When you convert your film to digital, that one photo you are looking for to show off to a friend becomes so much easier to locate by having it on a local computer or a cloud system.  It saves time in searching.

·         Gain a sense of completion.  Many people explain that they need to get their photos, slides and other film converted to digital, but they just haven’t gotten around to it.  It’s a looming task that can be overwhelming, but once it’s completed you can breathe a sigh of relief.

While the actual task of getting your film compiled and out the door can seem daunting and overwhelming, the process truly is a simple one with Larsen Digital Services.  They even have an online organization system to save you time from holding film up to the light to identify, and you can even do it from the comfort of your home.  Getting more organized is a popular resolution trend, and completing this task will definitely help complete the long term goal, with lifelong benefits.