Lang Financial Group Expands and Rebrands as 1706 Advisors

Cara D. Kahan, CEO, and Alana Lang Kahan, President, Lead the Firm's Expansion

Lang Financial is Now 1706 Advisors

 Lang Financial Group, a third-generation firm known for its industry leadership in employee benefits, human resource management, and individual and business insurance planning, announces its new company name: 1706 Advisors. The rebrand accompanies a strategic expansion of services to meet the changing needs of employers and business owners in a post-pandemic world, as well as a change in management. Founder and former President Stacy Lang Kahan steps into an advisory role and Cara D. Kahan and Alana Lang Kahan assume executive leadership positions as CEO and President, respectively. 

The Chicago-based, family-owned practice has advised employers, business owners, and individuals on protection and insurance strategies for nearly 40 years. Under its new brand name, 1706 Advisors will continue offering an independent, consultative approach and customized solutions to help employers attract and retain talent through employee benefits, protect their businesses with insurance and continuity strategies, and ensure their individual financial security. In addition, the organization provides companies and employers with multi-faceted HR services to complement its already robust insurance offerings.

"The name change to 1706 Advisors represents the next phase of our organization as we continue to modernize and grow. Our clients' businesses are evolving, and we're evolving with them in lockstep," says Cara. 

The planning process that customers rely on to maintain compliance and respond to market changes will remain central to 1706 Advisors' tactical approach. "Right now, the workforce is essentially reinventing itself, and businesses need strategic and comprehensive employee benefits more than ever. In creating a high-performing workforce, we understand the employer dollars must be spent purposefully," Alana continues. 

1706 Advisors has the reach and resources of a corporate brokerage as a Partner Firm in United Benefits Association (UBA). UBA Partner Firms are independently owned and operated but join together with other firms to share knowledge and resources across the country. As a result, UBA Partner Firms can offer sophisticated, cost-effective solutions on par with large brokerages while providing personal service and an understanding of the community that only a local, independent advisor can deliver. UBA Partner Firms serve more than 36,000 employers nationwide. 

The team chose the name 1706 Advisors for two key reasons. First, Ben Franklin is known as the "father of American insurance," and 1706 is his birth year. Metaphorically, 1706 is also a numerical reference — like "Perfect 10" or "Lucky 7" — about being prepared for life's journey. Since 1706 Advisors helps people plan for both expected and unexpected events over the course of a lifetime, the team appreciated the additional, more personal meaning behind the number. 

"We've always had a data-driven approach, but we never forget there are people behind the plans and products. The name 1706 Advisors represents both the business side and the personal side of our company," Cara notes. 

"At the end of the day, we're in the people business. Yes, it's insurance, benefits, compliance, and HR guidelines. But all of that adds up to providing people with peace of mind," Alana adds. 

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1706 Advisors is a third-generation firm known for its industry leadership in employee benefits, human resource management, individual and business insurance planning.

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