Lamprey Networks Partners With Continuity Health Solutions to Deliver Standards Based Virtual Care Delivery Platform

Continuity Health Solutions, provider of FDA-approved, modular technology stack focused on virtual chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, transition of care and patient engagement, has partnered with Lamprey Networks (LNI) to demonstrate Continua framework approach to digital health delivery. The ally® Connected Care platform now fully integrates the LNI Health@Home remote patient monitoring services and devices for seamless deployment.

“We are excited about the addition of LNI as a reseller of ally® Connected Care.  It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate the modularity of our technology stack by adding workflow tools, automation of evidence-based care plans, and advance alerting algorithms to LNI’s device agent software, hub and cloud service offerings. LNI has led the way in device connectivity standards, and this collaboration is great example of how established organizations can partner to demonstrate adoption of the Continua standards produced by PCHA in real world settings that protect customer’s investment over the long term,” states Bryan Poteet, CEO, Continuity Health.  

“This is a great opportunity for LNI to add further value to our customers.  We are impressed with the flexibility of the ally® Connected Care platform and Continuity’s approach as a single solution for transitional care and remote patient monitoring. This innovative solution streamlines the hospital transitional management resources workflow and meets all discharge patient population requirements. This allows LNI to extend our revenue model to 70% of patients who discharge from hospitals without connected devices,” states Mike Mazzola, CEO, LNI. 

Continuity Health and LNI demonstrated their collaboration this week at the American Telemedicine Association show in Orlando, Florida.

Source: Continuity Health Solutions

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