LaMar’s Donuts Celebrates National Donut Day 2024

LaMar's Donuts Attempts a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™️ Title for Largest Donation of Doughnuts in One Hour for National Donut Day

Prepare for an exceptional celebration of National Donut Day on Friday, June 7, with LaMar's Donuts & Coffee. In keeping with tradition, every LaMar's Donuts store visitor will receive a complimentary Ray's Original Glazed Donut. Furthermore, LaMar's will elevate the festivities by organizing pop-up donut shops at several locations throughout Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas. 

However, the highlight of this year's celebration is LaMar's ambitious attempt to make history with the largest donation of doughnuts in one hour with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®️™️ on June 7 at The Salvation Army Distribution Center. 

Whether you choose to celebrate in-store or at a popup location or virtually engage through social media, LaMar's Donuts guarantees an extraordinary National Donut Day experience.

History, Partnerships, Celebrations 

National Donut Day is a celebration of the unifying power of our favorite breakfast pastry and has a surprising history stretching back more than seven decades.

History of National Donut Day: In 1938, National Donut Day emerged as a fundraising initiative by The Salvation Army aimed at aiding those impacted by the Great Depression. Additionally, it served as a tribute to the brave "Lassies" of World War I who provided soldiers on the front lines in France with donuts. Since then, donuts have become a culinary symbol of togetherness, bringing people closer through shared enjoyment.

Partnering With The Salvation Army: LaMar's Donuts has joined forces with The Salvation Army for the past 14 years, hosting an annual fundraising drive for National Donut Day. This year, LaMar's Donuts & Coffee is dedicated to upholding the tradition of National Donut Day by collaborating with The Salvation Army to distribute donuts within our communities and engage customers in the celebration at each location. At all LaMar's locations, Salvation Army Bell Ringers will be on-site in select locations, rallying support for those in need. LaMar's patrons can also make donations directly at

How We’re Celebrating: Join us at any LaMar's Donuts & Coffee on Friday, June 7, for a free Ray's Original Glazed Donut.

"Our passion for donuts began with Ray LaMar in 1933 and has continued over the past 91 years as we've worked to craft the perfect donut," says Temi Osifodunrin, LaMar's Donuts Director of Marketing."Each year, we look forward to National Donut Day to celebrate our love for donuts and everything they bring to a community."

Join us as we share donuts with people throughout our communities. To learn more, visit and

Source: LaMar's Donuts & Coffee