LA CCS Founder, Danny Yamnitski, Shows Homeowners and Landlords How to Build a Compliant ADU

LA CCS Inc. walks homeowners, landlords and investors through the process of how to build and rent a new ADU seamlessly.

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Experience is Key: With more than 20 years of real estate and construction experience, Founder and CEO Danny Yamnitski is a leader in the ADU industry. Yamnitski has a relentless vision to help landlords and property owners with their LAHD and LADBS challenges in the most efficient and profitable way. Yamnitski and the team offer creative options to address the affordable housing crisis in Southern California. From site and plan development to financing, permitting and construction, LA CCS will assist you every step of the way.

Building an ADU is a process. Yamnitski advises homeowners and landlords to do more planning upfront in order to eliminate problems once the work begins.

“The ADU process can be overwhelming and unknown territory for most,” said Yamnitski. “As a company, we provide detailed information about the process. Whether that’s financing, design, the development process, zoning barriers or regulatory loopholes. We want each of our clients to be well-informed.”

A proud pioneer and innovator of the design-build approach to remodeling, Yamnitski believes his clients return time-and-time again because they see him as a leader in the ADU industry. “One of the reasons why my company has been successful is because we are people-focused. Because of this practice, we offer a unique combination of being astute listeners and master project managers,” said Yamnitski.

Why build an ADU?                                                      
ADUs can be a separate building in a backyard, attached to or part of the primary residence or even a garage conversion. ADUs are independent rental units that have living areas, entrances, bathrooms and kitchens.

ADU’s provide additional space for caregivers, grown children, elderly parents, or renters. Adding an ADU is a significant investment and may be easier for homeowners to finance than some other big-ticket purchases, too. Some of the long-term benefits of accessory units include substantial rental income potential and the flexibility to house aging parents or adult children cheaply.

LA CCS will assist you every step of the way. Call today for a consultation (747) 206-9217.


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