LA CCS Founder Danny Yamnitski Discusses ADUs

LA CCS Founder Danny Yamnitski

​The AIA (American Institute of Architecture) Conference on Architecture was held in Las Vegas in June this year with more than 600 brands on display and about 20,000 registrants attending. One of the key speakers, LA Construction Consulting Services (CCS) founder Danny Yamnitski, spoke about his experience and knowledge regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (also known as ADUs) at the event. Yamnitski also recently won an award for “Most Eccentric ADU Design” and has an extensive background in architecture and construction, as demonstrated by his lecture on ADUs for the Association of Inspectors in San Diego.

The firm run by Yamnitski specializes in ADUs, garage conversions, room additions, and new construction. They are the only firm in Southern California with two divisions under one umbrella – the first division focusing on architectural design and the second on construction which concentrates on the execution of the designs conceived. Aside from their multi-faceted organizational structure, the firm is also known for their efficiency and expediency in responding to client requests and inquiries. This is a result of their practices solely operating in-house rather than outsourcing. By refusing to outsource labor, CCS achieves an advantage over competitors in that they eliminate the blame game that is usually found in construction projects.

The various projects exhibited by Yamnitski and his firm further demonstrated the detailed, thorough, and highly professional qualities embodied by the firm as a whole. The attention to detail from start to finish is emphasized by the overall results of the projects as well as the high rate of customer satisfaction. Yamnitski and his firm’s substantial knowledge and experience with construction projects, architectural designs, and the recent rise in popularity of ADUs place them above competitors in the industry.

Yamnitski provided more information regarding ADU regulations and usage below:  

What is the maximum size of ADUs?

1200 square feet is the maximum size of ADUs in Los Angeles.

Can I get a separate address and utility bill for the ADU?

Yes. You can get a separate panel box for the tenant as well as a separate tenant bill.

What is the maximum amount of stories you can have in an ADU?

Two stories is the maximum amount of stories allowed in an ADU.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms can fit into a 1200 square foot ADU?

You can fit up to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a living room, and a dining room into a 1200 square foot ADU.

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