L Squared and Lenovo Annnounce Business Solutions for Back to Work

Innovative IoT portfolio to accelerate digital transformation for businesses while navigating new terrain

L Squared Hub - Content Management Platform

L Squared Digital Signage, a global provider of business and retail communication solutions, announces its partnership with Lenovo, the #1 global PC maker, to provide innovative solution offerings to businesses returning to work. 

With employee engagement at the forefront of leadership initiatives, businesses are looking for ways to gain productivity and collaboration within their organization. “L Squared will equip businesses returning to work with the right tools to create a safe and transparent environment where employees can flourish and do their best in,” said Ratnavel Gajendra, CEO, L Squared.

“We are partnering with Lenovo to leverage their comprehensive ThinkIoT Back to Work Solutions to enable enterprises to deliver a connected employee experience by improving workplace culture and communication immediately.”

With new hybrid workforce models emerging, businesses need to be able to communicate to both remote and on-site workers with consistency. L Squared engineers have developed an easy-to-use and scalable cloud content management platform that allows companies to target employees with personalized communication. 

The platform, L Squared HubTM, provides comprehensive tools to keep employees up to date, informed and engaged through their connected work devices. Alongside digital signage, the mobile work platform transforms desktop and lock screens with dynamic content to capture employee attention and increase engagement with alerts, on-demand surveys and more.

In a time when e-mail inboxes and group chats are flooded with endless requests, L Squared solutions help employers deliver essential company communication in the following ways:

  • Targeted Communication: reduces information overload by providing personalized content to customized employee groups based on role, department, location, language and more​​
  • Branded and Rich Visual Content: creates consistent branding across the company with dynamic content including video and images
  •  Scheduled Content: saves time with user-friendly interface to pre-schedule content to be delivered at different locations and time zones​​
  • Enterprise Security: secures role-based access to help protect data and streamline communication across multiple users, departments and regions

Lenovo has brought together a carefully selected number of partners to support its Think IoT initiatives and L Squared Digital Signage is a central component of this ecosystem, covering everything from policy communication to incident notifications for enterprise businesses.  

For more information, visit www.LSquared.com/LenovoCIoT.

About L Squared Digital Signage: Built on innovative IoT technology, L Squared Digital Signage, provides end-to-end communication solutions for corporate and retail businesses.  Our cloud content management platform is designed to enhance and improve employee and customer engagement.    

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