Kut Kwick Makes Move to Keep the Economy Rolling in 2020

Some media outlets are reporting that there are a few clouds on the economic horizon. But Kut Kwick Corporation, a proud and determined US manufacturer of industrial slope mowers, has no intention of sitting idly and waiting to see what might happen in the marketplace. Instead, Kut Kwick is being proactive to ensure that the consumers of heavy duty hillside mowers can buy with confidence and save money as they look ahead in 2020.

Effective immediately, for an unspecified amount of time, Kut Kwick is slashing the price on their best selling slope mower, the SuperSlopeMaster (SSM-T4E) from $69,491.00 to $59,800.00! That’s a savings of almost $10,000, or 14% (percent) off of the original 2020 Factory Price List!

Thanks to the help and cooperation of many of their long-term vendors and business partners, Kut Kwick is presently able to streamline their materials and manufacturing costs on their equipment without the necessity of compromising any of the toughness and durability that people have come to expect from a Kut Kwick slope mower, and they are passing along those savings directly to both existing Kut Kwick owners*, as well as any new, future Kut Kwick customers.

So don’t delay! Place your order early for a new 2020 SSM-T4E and you’re almost certain to have it in time for the beginning of the spring mowing season. Call us at 800.248.5945 for more details. There has NEVER been a better time to buy a Kut Kwick slope mower than NOW!

*Kut Kwick customers who purchased a new SSM in 2019 who are interested in adding another unit to their fleet are eligible for an additional savings of $5,000.00 on a new 2020 SSM if purchased before March 31, 2020!

Media Contact:
Steve Johnson
Phone: (912) 265-1630
Email: sjohnson@kutkwick.com

Source: Kut Kwick Corporation

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