Kut Kwick Corporation Adds Yet Another New Slope Mower to Product Line

The New 2019 Tier 4 Mega Slope Master MSM T4 is being added to Kut Kwick's Line of Slope Mowers & Brush Cutting Equipment

2019 Tier 4 Mega Slope Master MSM T4

Kut Kwick Corporation is a factory-direct equipment manufacturer that builds industrial, heavy-duty slope mowing and brush cutting machinery. Early in 2019, they introduced the new SuperSlopeMaster T4 which integrates the Yanmar Tier 4 Final engine.  The SSM T4 is a zero-turn-radius unit with a 72” cutting deck that can be used on flat terrain as well as embankments up to and including at a 40 degree angle.

Now Kut Kwick is introducing the MegaSlopeMaster MSM T4, the largest land clearing commercial slope mower in the world. The MSM T4 is also a zero-turn-radius machine that can mow on a 40 degree incline, but provides a larger 88 inch cut. No other mower of this size and magnitude can achieve such a feat.

One of the added benefits to the new Kut Kwick Tier 4 machines is the digital information flat screen that provides the operator with all the pertinent engine information. This feature is part of an engine management system that monitors operating parameters and allows the maintenance team to set service interval reminders.

As always, Kut Kwick machines have a certified Rollover Protection System (ROPS) for safety and are all true zero-turn radius (ZTR) machines for maximized productivity.

For additional information on Kut Kwick slope mowing and brush cutting equipment, call 912-265-1630 or visit their website at kutkwick.com.

Source: Kut Kwick Corporation


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