Kronos Fusion Energy's Approach to Delivering Commercial Fusion Energy at the Forefront as White House Summit Approaches

White House Summit: Developing a Bold Decadal Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy

Kronos Fusion Energy - White House Event

On Thursday, March 17, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will host a joint summit on Developing a Bold Decadal Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy. This summit is an important opportunity for the US Government to reflect Kronos Fusion Energy's existing approach to accelerating the delivery of this critical technology.

Continual and rapid developments in fusion technology increasingly put commercial fusion energy on a glide path to inevitability. As a result, fusion energy is now gaining widespread acceptance, representing the unavoidable source of the upcoming energy revolution that will transform America, and the world. Paul Owen, CEO of Kronos Fusion Energy Defense Systems, stated that "Here at Kronos Fusion Energy, we recognize the criticality of this technology and are already grabbing the bull by the horns, building a team that incorporates leadership from across the three pillars of Academia, Government and Industry, in a unified effort to deliver clean, limitless fusion energy to the American people."

Fusion Energy promises incredible world changing potential, including addressing the full spectrum of the United States' energy needs. To that extent, Kronos Fusion Energy has adopted a synchronized effort to ensure that this technology is developed simultaneously across Energy, Defense, and Space.

Recent events in Ukraine bring to stark relief the importance of our work in ensuring that America becomes permanently energy independent, severing our reliance on fossil fuels, their environmental impact on the world in which we live and the geopolitical consequences of this reliance. By developing the first commercially viable fusion energy power plants, capable of providing clean, unlimited energy to the US grid, we can achieve total energy sovereignty, supplying the power needs of our cities and industrial base for the long-term future.

Simultaneously, we are developing applications of this technology that have a direct and transformative impact on our national defense capabilities. Miniaturized fusion generators provide US Military installations with an independent power supply, enabling their full autonomy from the national grid, and augmenting the security of this critical infrastructure. Mobile fusion generators provide the capability of meeting the energy requirements of deployed units, at any scale, anywhere in the world, and enhancing America's global force project capabilities. Applied at the micro scale, fusion technology represents the ability for a quantum leap forward in military tactical capabilities, providing war-winning advances in range, reliability and lethality of assets across all military domains.

Given the vital nature of this technology, Kronos Fusion Energy welcomes the White House's summit and urges our government to recognize that now is the time for action. As clearly demonstrated with the hugely successful Operation Warp Speed, the government can, with sufficient motivation, enable and accelerate private sector investment through direct subsidies or grants, defined advance market commitments and the expedition of the regulatory process. Adopting a similar approach to the opportunity of achieving global leadership in the field of fusion energy is the fastest and surest way to attaining America's energy independence and maintaining our defense supremacy for the long-term future. 

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Kronos Fusion Energy Defense System is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company will develop algorithms, simulations, and micro fusion energy generators that will optimize fusion energy. The company will provide America with a competitive advantage in the future energy market with a focus on clean and limitless energy. It has partnerships with leading facilities and experts in essential areas worldwide. The government partners include NASA, the Department of Defense, and DDE National labs. The private partners extend to IBM, Deloitte, Harvard Business School, SAP, and Mathlabs Ventures.

Source: Kronos Fusion Energy Defense Systems