Kronos Fusion Energy Unveils Groundbreaking AI/ML-Powered Simulation Suite for Fusion Reactors, Calls for Global Community Beta Testers

Kronos Fusion Energy, a leader in the fusion energy sector, invites the global fusion energy community to beta test their advanced AI/ML-enhanced suite of simulation products, designed to expedite the commercialization of fusion energy technology.

Kronos Fusion Energy, a pioneering entity in the fusion energy landscape, extends an invitation to the global fusion energy community to beta test its suite of Kronos simulation products. This suite, incorporating advanced AI/ML models and algorithms, is engineered to facilitate the swift commercialization of fusion energy technology.

Priyanca Ford, the founder of Kronos Fusion Energy, remarked, "Since 1970, we've witnessed fusion energy capability double every 1.8 years in terms of plasma density, pressure, and confinement time, reflecting the growth trajectory of transistor numbers on silicon chips that revolutionized the electronics industry. At Kronos Fusion Energy, we believe that with the aid of AI/ML-driven continuous development and strategic investments today, achieving practical fusion energy will be within our grasp in less than 20 years."

Encompassing six distinct fusion energy generator configurations, the suite supports field-reversed configuration (FRC), magnetized target fusion (MTF), fusion energy drive (FED), magnetic confinement fusion (MCF), inertial confinement fusion (ICF), and stellarator reactor types. The AI/ML-enhanced simulation suite is developed on Python, SAP, MATLAB/SIMULINK, Amazon Web Services, and D-wave platforms, and comprises:

  • Kronos MagnetSim: AI/ML-driven simulation of confinement magnets
  • Kronos PlasmaSim: Plasma density and dynamics modeling using advanced algorithms
  • Kronos IgnSym: AI-based ignition process and transition to aneutronic operation analysis
  • Kronos FuelSim: Plasma fueling and fuel cycle system simulation leveraging ML techniques
  • Kronos HeliSim: Aneutronic fuel systems exploration with AI/ML capabilities
  • Kronos SafeSim: Fusion energy safety and security assessment through AI-guided safety thresholds and sweet spots simulation
  • Kronos MilSim: Special condition simulations for diverse applications with heightened security requirements and AI/ML integration
  • Kronos DriveSim: Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and gyrokinetics simulations for core and pedestal analysis utilizing AI/ML models
  • Kronos TokaSim: AI-enhanced tokamak reactor simulation
  • Kronos QuantumSim: Traditional simulation adaptation for quantum computer operation incorporating AI/ML methodologies
  • Kronos SpaceSim: AI/ML-powered space application simulation for size, weight, and zero-gravity operation optimization
  • Kronos RuggSim: Extreme application operation simulation necessitating specialized materials and construction techniques, supported by AI/ML
  • Kronos MatSim: Fusion energy generator material utilization simulation employing advanced AI/ML algorithms

Kronos Fusion Energy's AI/ML-driven improvements to the S.M.A.R.T. tokamak system are meticulously engineered to enhance its operational capabilities and performance. These advancements increase the probability of achieving the high confinement efficiency and elevated "beta" values essential for successful aneutronic fusion, by leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

About Kronos Fusion Energy:

Kronos Fusion Energy, a leading company in the fusion sector, is dedicated to creating AI/ML-powered solutions for various reactor types to meet the world's increasing energy needs. By utilizing advanced simulation methods and aneutronic fusion technologies, Kronos aims to promote environmental conservation and foster long-term global stability in the energy landscape.

Source: Kronos Fusion Energy Incorporated