Kronos Fusion Energy Recognizes Mankind's Path to Becoming an Interplanetary Species

The Potential Lies in the Ability to Recreate and Harness the Power of the Stars

Kronos Fusion Energy

The sun, like all known stars, is in essence, a giant mass of hot gas, mainly hydrogen and helium. The temperature and pressure in its core are so high that nuclear fusion occurs, producing plasma that releases huge amounts of energy. The outward pressure of this plasma is balanced by the inward pull of gravity, leaving the star in hydrostatic equilibrium - producing virtually unimaginable amounts of clean, stable energy, for billions of years. This science is part of the core that drives Kronos Fusion Energy.

Recreating these conditions within a fusion generator has been the subject of 60 years of research around the world. This research is now on the cusp of realizing viable, powerful, and clean energy that enables the efficient delivery of personnel, material, and energy systems to future colonies. This technology is reaching maturation just as a new dawn of space exploration is emerging - as stated in the March 17, 2022, Summit by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, "The time for fusion energy is now."

Thought leaders from Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk agree that the future of mankind lies in our ability to become a multi-planetary species. Their rationale states that, so long as humanity has all its eggs in one basket - or all its people on one planet - there will always be the risk of an extinction-level event. In fact, if history is our guide, this risk becomes a near inevitability.

The only true way to mitigate this risk is through our ability to establish settlements on other planets, and fusion energy holds the key to making this a reality.

In 1620, the privately funded Mayflower and her civilian pilgrims, not a government-led mission, paved the way for the creation of what today is called America. Four hundred years later, the first privately funded and operated space flights carried civilian passengers into space, bringing into global focus the continued relevance of the role that private industry must play in future space programs and planetary colonization efforts. Kronos Fusion Energy Incorporated (KFEI) is at the forefront of these efforts, as demonstrated by its commitment to establishing the National Fusion Energy Space Center.

Priyanca Ford, Founder of KFEI, affirmed this aim: "Kronos Fusion Energy has spent the last seven years developing and refining algorithms and simulations that allow us to bring fusion energy out of the lab and into the space programs of tomorrow. This exciting technology transforms space travel, providing for rapid and agile spacecraft, capable of carrying substantial payloads and delivering vast amounts of electrical power in a compact device - essential to reaching, establishing, and sustaining life on future planetary colonies."  

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