Koosh Jewelers Offers Luxury Jewelry and Timepieces to the Hollywood, Florida Area

Luxury Jewelry

​Koosh Jewelers offers luxury jewelry with unparalleled support and service after a purchase – all with a neighborhood feel.

The company, which prides itself on creating a transparent atmosphere for customers to shop and educating consumers on the value of their purchase, features large jewelry showcases of the finest brands and designs. “My goal is to educate and inform our clientele; when they walk out of Koosh Jewelers, they will be assured they have received the knowledge they need to make a purchase they are confident about,” says Koosh Jewelers co-owner, Ari Sipper.  

We offer only the finest luxury brands in the world today, including storied companies, such as Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Gucci, Patek Phillip, Rolex and Tag Heuer.

Ari Sipper, Co-owner of Koosh Jewelers

“Koosh Jewelers is a diamond in the rough,” remarked Ari Sipper, co-owner of Koosh Jewelers. “We prioritize customer service by offering unbeatable maintenance packages.”

Not only does Koosh Jewelers offer an incredible collection of luxury timepieces, they also have a full-scale watch repair service, a rare offering among South Florida’s elite jewelers. Clients can bring any quality timepiece, and Koosh Jewelers will be able to repair it.

“We offer only the finest luxury brands in the world today, including storied companies, such as Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Gucci, Patek Phillip, Rolex and Tag Heuer,” Ari says. “When you buy through us over a corporate store, you invest in a relationship that will bring assurance with your purchase.”

Koosh Jewelers offers an array of choices beyond full-priced luxury watches, with options like selling or trading luxury watches, purchasing pre-owned watches and pawning estate items. Furthermore, Koosh Jewelers offers signature engagement rings for the discerning customer; their team of sales specialists have decades of experience and can help clients pick out the best gem and setting for their engagement ring.

With over 85 combined years in the jewelry business, Koosh has the combined knowledge, experience, and expertise as one of the top-rated high-end jewelry stores in South Florida.

The Koosh Jewelers Philosophy, “customer service is our top priority,” is the ethos the company lives by. Koosh Jewelers is one of the largest family-run high-end jewelry stores in Florida with clientele from all over the country.

Koosh Jewelers provides personalized and undivided attention to all clients both during the in-store shopping experience and throughout their jewelry ownership. Koosh prioritizes educating and informing clients about their jewelry, making shopping at Koosh Jewelers a rewarding experience.  

According to Ari, “Through our devoted passion to provide the best for our clientele, we have designed some of the most unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry within all price ranges.” Whether a client is looking for jewelry to mark an engagement, an anniversary, or just a small occasion, Koosh Jewelers has one of the largest fine jewelry showrooms in South Florida to choose from.

Koosh Jewelers also carries over 18 authorized watch brands, in addition to carrying an enormous certified pre-owned watch selection. As expert buyers of gold, diamonds, and watches, Koosh Jewelers offers top dollar for old, broke, outdated or estate pieces.

Koosh Jewelers also offers the following repair services: expert watch repair from their master watchmaker, expert jewelry repair through their master jeweler and certified appraisals though their GIA Gemologist.

“We welcome you to our family with the warmest regards,” remarked Ari. “We look forward to helping and guiding you through all of your jewelry needs. Shop online, make a phone order, or visit us in the store for the easiest jewelry purchase you will ever experience.”

Source: Koosh Jewelers

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