Kingsman Operators Redeploy to the U.S. to Resume Domestic Rescues

After months of performing evacuations of women and children from war-torn Ukraine, Kingsman Philanthropic Corp., the non-profit wing of USPA Nationwide Security's Kidnap Recovery Division, is back to investigating and performing rescues of missing women and children in the USA.

Kingsman Kidnap Recovery Agent

After assisting with evacuations from Ukraine, Kingsman, the Miami-based non-profit wing of USPA Nationwide Security, has refocused its efforts on locating and rescuing missing women and children in the United States. "We have seen success with our efforts in Ukraine, but we understand that there are still too many missing women and children right here in our own communities," stated Dan Manning, CEO of USPA Nationwide Security. Manning, who took over for USPA founder Michael Evans, has continued with Evans' charitable giving initiatives, donating over $35,000 of his company's profits over the last few months.

Recently, Kingsman assisted in the investigation of a missing South Florida girl. Kingsman Intelligence Operators conducting open-source investigations into missing women and children came across the case and within one hour of finding it, Manning was on the phone with the girl's father offering service. "One question we always get asked is, 'Why are you doing this?' in an almost skeptical sense, Manning said. "Our response is simple: we want to do good in this world and are fortunate enough to have the capabilities to do it." 

Manning had already deployed two USPA security professionals who work as Kingsman Kidnap Recovery Agents before hanging up with the girl's father. The Agents immediately began scouring the area while literature offering a reward of up to $5,000 was circulated through various social media channels. Michael Evans, Kingsman Founder/Director and Kidnap Recovery Agent, also reached out to the girl's father for a more in-depth interview, searching for any lead that could be followed up on. "As a father, I can't imagine the anguish he is feeling," stated Evans. "That's why I've been doing this as long as I have: to try to reunite these parents with their loved ones," he continued. 

Kidnap Recovery Agent Trainee Jeannete Lobbe worked throughout the night in southern Florida, learning the ins and outs of working missing teen cases. "One minute we're searching websites for possible trafficking and the next, we're on the street, following up on leads. It's fast-paced work and, at times, tedious, but I love it."

"The reward money and any operational costs come straight from the donated profits of USPA Nationwide Security," Manning said. "USPA will continue to give everything it is able to, but receiving donations from the private sector would allow us to greatly increase the volume of our operations. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people who need to be reunited with their families," he continued.

Kingsman utilizes the large network of security agents that USPA has compiled since its inception in 2005. Kidnap recovery agents include United States Special Operations veterans, retired United States Military officers, retired law enforcement officers, and highly trained and highly skilled private security contractors from across the United States.

Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. is a non-profit, 501c3 entity that funds close protection services for women and children, a branch of USPA Nationwide Security since 2005.

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