KingKong Pro Dual Motor Carbon Fiber Wrapped E-Skateboard Goes Live on Kickstarter

​​HongKong, HongKong, March 13, 2018 (Newswire) - KingKong rides in with high performance and affordability with their all-new dual motor, carbon fiber wrapped E-Skateboard available now on Kickstarter.

The E-skateboard has quickly become a favorite mode of transportation for students, commuters, and skateboard enthusiasts thanks to a steady stream of high-performance offerings in the industry. However, until now, speed, power, and reliability have come at a premium price.

"As commuters and skateboard enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to create an E-Skateboard that had high performance yet was safe and practical for daily use. So, we started with an innovative carbon fiber design and powerful dual-motors, then added intuitive controls and lighting features for convenience and a safer riding experience."

Gerard Zhu, CEO of KingKong

That all changes with the release of the KingKong Pro E-Skateboard.

It achieves its enviable performance starting with a carbon fiber construction that makes it lightweight and virtually indestructible. Combining that with powerful dual-motors and an on-board 4300mAh battery delivers impressive results. It has a max speed of 22 mph and a 12.5 miles range and it tackles hills of up to 25% inclines easily. It's high speed and durability appeals to advanced skateboard riders and the long-range and hill climbing ability makes it perfect for commuters and recreational riders. It is truly a do-it-all skateboard that combines with high performance and rideability and is available now with the special introductory pricing of just $299.

The KingKong Pro also includes innovative technological features that make it special. It has a handheld remote control connected via 2.4Ghz wireless for smooth acceleration and braking and unlike typical E-Skateboards. This mode allows users to learn and improve their skill in a safe manner making it perfect for kids and families. The skateboard also includes a USB charging port for mobile devices such as phones and tablets, something that any student, commuter or digital native will appreciate.

KingKong Pro also comes with the powerful LED headlight for low-light conditions which helps the rider see obstacles and road conditions as well as a taillight that can be seen clearly in the dark.

Fast, fun and practical, the KingKong's Aero plastic alloy deck material in carbon fiber black wrapped has a proven design that provides good grip and fast cornering under changing road surface conditions and features an integrated grab handle for convenience and easy portability. During the pre-sale, both single-motor and dual-motor options are available with special pricing for a limited time for early adopters on Kickstarter.

Visit the campaign page to learn more.

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