Kinetic Financial Shares Best Advice for Financial Planning Month

Three Action Items to Implement this Month for a Better Financial Future

In celebration of Financial Planning Month, Kinetic Financial, a concierge-based financial services company in Los Angeles, is sharing three key action items individuals can implement right now to help pave the way for long-term financial health and security. In providing holistic financial planning, celeb-caliber service and intelligently customized tax, retirement and investment solutions in one place, Kinetic Financial is dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive, resilient and reliable financial planning and wealth management services year after year.

“The financial world is constantly changing,” says Ali Hashemian, president of Kinetic Financial. “Tax laws change annually, and markets can shift on a second-by-second basis. On top of external factors, a person’s individual needs and goals are ever-changing as well. That is why ongoing reviews are so important. At Kinetic Financial, we meet with our clients quarterly to review their financial situations and revise their plans accordingly. However, an annual ‘financial check-up’ during October (Financial Planning Month) is also a great habit to begin as we prepare for the year ahead.”

Tip #1: Create an investment strategy to maximize return within your risk tolerance.


All too often, people leave too much money in cash not earning anything, according to Kinetic Financial. Alternatively, many people are invested in asset classes that have more risk than they would like to have in their portfolio. By putting a customized investment plan together, a person can grow their money without taking on more risk than they desire.

Tip #2: Take advantage of tax efficiency and advanced tax strategies.


Tax evasion is a crime, but tax avoidance is a right as a taxpayer. Kinetic Financial advises individuals and businesses to work with a trusted and experienced financial adviser who can identify ways to maximize current tax deductions and minimize future tax liabilities.

Tip #3: Put together a retirement and distribution analysis.


One of the biggest fears among retirees is running out of money. A retirement analysis that accounts for taxes and inflation can provide financial peace of mind and help ensure the plan is stress-tested against any unforeseen expenses like long-term care.

“While some of the action items suggested will take longer to notice results, others, such as smart investment strategies and tax efficiency, can yield results almost immediately,” says Hashemian. 

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About Kinetic Financial 

Based in Los Angeles, California, Kinetic Financial is a concierge-based financial services company providing comprehensive and customized financial strategies to clients and businesses. Services include tax planning, retirement planning, estate & legal planning, risk management & insurance solutions, mortgage & real estate solutions, corporate executive planning and business consulting. Specializing in providing a highly individualized and holistic financial planning experience, Kinetic Financial works exclusively with reputable and stable financial firms to provide clients products and portfolios they can depend on.

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