Kids to Interview Apollo Astronaut

For the 50th anniversary of Apollo 7, children will send questions to Walter Cunningham, the only surviving astronaut from the mission

The Crew of Apollo 7

Fifty years ago, the race to the moon was in full swing. Scientists and engineers were making huge leaps in technology to make good on President Kennedy’s promise of reaching the moon. As News-O-Matic covers the current events of 2018, it is also looking back at the news of 1968 that changed the world. And it’s inviting young readers to participate by conducting an interview with Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham!

Throughout January, students can submit questions to Cunningham through News-O-Matic. The Q&A with the American hero will then be featured in early February. It’s an example of how the Daily News Just for Kids is transforming the news experience — by involving children with the editorial process and letting them ask the big questions.

This is how we make history come alive.

Russell Kahn, Editor in Chief

“This is how we make history come alive,” said News-O-Matic Editor-in-Chief Russell Kahn. “We are getting first-person accounts from 1968 to create powerful connections to our past for the next generation,” he added. “As a result, our users come back to read the news day after day and develop the regular routine of daily reading.” Kahn also said that kids who grow up reading the news on a daily basis become “better-informed global citizens and critical thinkers.”

This feature is part of an ongoing series of 1968 anniversaries, each with rich opportunities for students to gain context to their world. There will be articles on the Mexico City Olympic Games, with its parallels to the recent protests in the NFL. There will also be features on America’s strained relationship with North Korea from 1968.

Students will do more than just learn about the lasting impacts of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. They will participate in a writing contest to honor the legacy of Dr. King, 50 years after his death. It’s all part of the newspaper’s efforts to engage even the most reluctant readers. 

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Russell Kahn
Editor in Chief

Source: News-O-Matic

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