"KH Garlic Dip": Premium Garlic Sauce

Attention chefs and cooks!  Whether you are fixing food in a restaurant or in a home kitchen the sauce or marinade can make a huge different in the taste of the final plate delivered to the table.   KH Garlic Dip — Premium Garlic Sauce — is a unique and delicious garlic dip, sauce, or paste that can be enjoyed on its own as a flavorful dip, condiment, sauce, or marinade with a wide variety of other foods, from pita chips, crackers, and fries, to pizza, chicken, hamburgers, and steaks. It is successfully used in the inventor's restaurant and the tasty and versatile KH Garlic Dip appeals to consumer households, restaurants and bars, and commercial food-service operations.

KH Garlic Dip features garlic and other ingredients in a dip, sauce, or paste that can be eaten alone as a dip, a condiment, sauce or paste with a variety of other foods ranging from red meats such as beef and lamb to seafood and chicken – even hot-dogs and french-fries and it can be enjoyed with chips as an alternative to salsas and other dips. It is a versatile product that is a great alternative to the traditional tomato sauce as a base for pizza sauce a well. It is available in various sizes for the home kitchen and in larger can, bottles and jars for restaurants. It is safe to store at room temperature and has a long shelf-life and no need of refrigeration after opening. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in KH Garlic Dip Premium Garlic Sauce.
The Patent Pending KH Garlic Dip Premium Garlic Sauce was invented by Mohamed Khaski, a restaurateur living in San Diego, CA who said, “Not only is it delicious and serves a variety of purposes it has an attractive logo depicting several garlic bulbs on a bed of parsley. I use it every day in my restaurant. If you love garlic, you will love KH Garlic Dip — Premium Garlic Sauce.”

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