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An issued bail bond allows a client to go home until his or her court date, with the attached monetary promise to show up on time for that court date.

Fresh Start Bail Bonds is pleased to announce an added service that gives clients a professional-looking suit to wear for their court dates. Not everyone owns or has access to this kind of clothing that makes a good impression on the presiding judge. Fresh Start Bail Bonds has been in business for many years and is currently expanding locations throughout Kern County. Each licensed and experienced bail bondsman is able to provide free information for the family and friends of a client who's been arrested on suspicion of a crime.  

An issued bail bond allows a client to go home until his or her court date, with the attached monetary promise to show up on time for that court date. With the act of signing a bail bond, clients agree to show up and avoid forfeiting the full amount of the bond. The courteous and professional staff at Fresh Start Bail Bonds take care of the necessary paperwork and will issue each client reminders about upcoming required trial appearances. 

According to one of the founders of Fresh Start Bail Bonds, individuals arrested on suspicion of a crime need the same courteous and attentive customer service they would receive in any other business. The cost of a bail bond depends on individual situations and the nature of different alleged crimes. Most people are unable to afford the unexpected high costs of an arrest, so a bail bond company will ease a great deal of that financial burden. In most cases, the arrested individual will need to have a co-signer pay a certain percentage of the bond as a guarantee of making the court date. The cost of posting bail in the state of California is 10% of the total bail amount the judge designates. The staff at Fresh Start Bail Bonds work to tailor the process to each client's individual circumstances.    

Fresh Start Bail Bonds is one of the top-rated bail bond companies in Kern County due to a high emphasis on customer service and on making the bond payment process go as smoothly as possible. When a new client first calls the bail bond company, he or she will need to provide some specific information concerning the total amount of the issued bail, the charges, the court date and whether or not the client has been completely booked or transferred. Fresh Start Bail Bonds also specializes in bail bonds that don't require any collateral. These types of bonds require the accused and the co-signer to fill out detailed bond agreements that include the accused's contact information, employment information and the exact location where the client is being held until the bail amount gets posted. In cases of no collateral, Fresh Start Bail Bonds offers reasonable payment plans to fit various budgets and will work with each client to ensure he or she doesn't fall behind on any agreed bail payments.


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