KeepsakeMom Launches Breast Milk Jewelry Buyer's Guide to Celebrate Emerging Category of Sentimental Jewelry

Stunning Works of Art Made from Breast Milk Detailed in Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

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KeepsakeMom, a one-of-a-kind breast milk jewelry company focused on unique creations that celebrate the special bond between mother and child, is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive Breast Milk Jewelry Buyer's Guide. While gaining in popularity, the company has debuted its Buyer's Guide to bring increased awareness to the stunning pieces, each thoughtfully crafted by hand to commemorate one of the most precious stages of motherhood.

"We're so passionate about what we do and wanted to share all the incredible possibilities of breast milk jewelry in one convenient place," said KeepsakeMom Founder Anna Thachuk. "From necklaces to earrings, there are endless options for creating stunning pieces of jewelry that serve as wearable reminders of the bond shared with your child."

The KeepsakeMom Buyer's Guide details every option within this unique category of jewelry, including breast milk necklaces, rings, beads and bracelets, earrings, sets and pairings, gender-specific options, and ways to commemorate two or more children. The Buyer's Guide also offers insight into adding inclusions to customize each piece - the special details that further personalize breastmilk jewelry such as birth colors, gold or silver flakes, a child's name, handprints, footprints or even a lock of baby hair.

The goal of KeepsakeMom is to create breathtaking jewelry that will be cherished for a lifetime with this Buyer's Guide, educating mothers of the various options to help them select the perfect piece. The company's breast milk jewelry line is a unique collection made entirely from breast milk, inspired by Thachuk's personal story. She found breastfeeding to be a blissful bonding experience with her first child, only to be disheartened just two months into her breastfeeding journey when her supply rapidly diminished. Understanding the incredible value of breast milk and the bond it fostered with her child, she decided to learn the art of breast milk curing to create these stunning works of art.

Additional information about KeepsakeMom is available online, at, where the new Buyers' Guide can also be found.

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