JustFly and FlightHub's Holiday Travel Survival Guide

​Holiday travel can be difficult. It’s one of the travel industry’s busiest periods of the year. Millions of travelers go home to see loved ones. Others take trips to warmer destinations. Although commercial travel generally goes smoothly, being well-prepared greatly reduces stress. A few tips on planning, packing, booking and technology may be useful.

JustFly and FlightHub have put together simple and effective advice in a holiday travel survival guide.


Good planning is an easy way to make sure holiday travel is problem-free. In early to mid-October, start looking for flights. Airfare is generally cheapest 30 to 60 days ahead of departure. Also, the selection of available seats is typically larger. Follow top airlines on social media and subscribe to price trackers to monitor fluctuations in fares more closely. This takes away the pressure and disappointment of booking an overpriced ticket at the last minute.


Budget travel is on the rise. As a result, airlines are looking for ways to offer customers lower prices. However, low-cost airfare isn’t without consequence. To account for cheaper tickets, carriers have begun to charge baggage fees. Try traveling with just a carry-on. It saves time and money but also guarantees luggage won’t be lost or mishandled.

Pack neutral-colored clothing. Place toiletries in travel-size containers. Avoid large items whenever possible. And only bring what’s necessary for the short trip. Consider shipping gifts ahead of time or arriving a few days early to take care of holiday shopping.


In terms of departure and return dates, traveling the day before or after major holidays can wear down the most seasoned travelers. Getting to a destination several days in advance (schedule permitting) is useful for more than escaping bustling shopping centers. It’s the best way to beat the crowds at airports, too.

The same goes for return flights; if possible, leave a day or two after everyone else. For people who are anxiety-prone or who simply value relative peace and quiet, this booking strategy can make a world of difference.


The role of technology in the travel sector is growing with each passing day. New devices and mobile applications are changing how travel companies offer products and services. These seemingly small technological advancements have tremendous impact on the overall customer experience.

For example, FlightHub and JustFly have developed smartphone applications to help travelers book flights on the go. A number of companies have designed user-friendly software, letting customers see airport layouts, stay up to date with delays, check in and download digital boarding passes. Use technology to facilitate travel.

“For many people, holiday travel can be a daunting task,” states FlightHub and JustFly’s Matthew Keezer. “But it doesn’t have to be. Research and plan trips in advance. When packing, stick to the basics. Book early and strategically. And use technology to your advantage. Keep this expert survival guide in mind to ease the strain of traveling during peak seasons.”

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Source: JustFly