JustFly and FlightHub on Why Morocco is a Must-Go

​Casablanca (the movie, not the city) might be all about getting out of Morocco, but it just makes us want to pack our bags and head over there (especially considering World War Two is over). Morocco is a peculiar amalgam of its African, Middle Eastern, and European influences, producing a totally unique cultural landscape and making it a perfect destination for adventure, relaxation, learning, or all three. So, on behalf of Justfly and Flighthub, here are some of the reasons why a trip to Morocco will have any traveler saying: “We’ll always have Casablanca.”

1.     The cities: Though each is totally different from the other, on the whole, Moroccan cities are just wonderful, whether they are preserved fortress towns or modern trade titans. Each has its own flavor and its own treasures to discover, like the Jemaa el-Fnaa (marketplace) in Marrakech, the mosaics of Meknes, or the blue walls of Chefchaouen. Some are more European in influence, like Asilah or Essaouira, while Rabat is renowned for its Islamic architecture. Each and every city and town in Morocco offers a different experience, so why not visit them all?

2.     The desert: Erg Chigaga is a perfect sea of sand, golden Saharan dunes for miles and miles. Vehicles are available for rent, naturally, but what better way to get there than by camel? It takes nearly a week that way, but the experience, days spent in the enveloping quiet, nights under the full breadth of the stars, is sure to stay with any traveler for the rest of their life.

3.     The mountains: The High Atlas Mountains are unique and wild, with surprising vistas of green, ravines and cliffs, mysterious shepherd trails, and villages tucked away into the rock. The High Atlas Mountains offer incredible hiking and trekking opportunities, and even skiing in some areas. They’re quiet also, though tourism is increasing there. Then there are the Anti Atlas Mountains, which are decidedly more sunbaked, and even more unexplored. Hikes through these mountains almost always require a local guide.

4.     The beaches: It’s always easier to settle on a vacation destination when there’s a beach involved, so don’t forget that Morocco borders the coast. If the desert has one feeling dry, a swim at any Moroccan beach will soothe. The best beaches can be found at Taghazout, Essaouira, Asilah, and Oualidia, to name a few.

5.     The food: Moroccan food has a unique flavor profile, often combining sweet and savory. There’s an incredible street food scene, and merely walking around the Medina will be sure to tantalize any traveler with delicious scents. Morocco also has a flourishing class of culinary experimentation, with upscale fusion restaurants offering new takes on classic dishes. Finally, if one has befriended any locals, be sure to accept anything home-cooked that they offer.

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Source: Flighthub