JustFly and FlightHub on Why Augmented Reality (AR) Might Be the Next Big Travel Trend

​In recent years augmented reality has shifted from obscure and niche applications to an ever-expanding technology trend. As of late, the most well-known use of AR has been the Pokemon Go mobile game. Marketing companies and an array of other businesses see the practical ways they can benefit from a sensory enhanced customer experience. Travelers want to take their trips to the next level; and the travel industry has identified AR as one of the most innovative ways to do so.  

Below, FlightHub and JustFly discuss why augmented reality might be the next big trend in travel.

What Is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is an interactive digital experience with real physical environments. Through computer programming, users can see, hear, smell and feel new layers of graphics and information within the natural environment. All it takes is the right smart device and third-party software (GPS, cameras, etc).

With more than an estimated 5 billion people using mobile devices daily, wide-scale adoption of augmented reality apps seems inevitable.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Travel:

The travel industry is an early adopter of AR technology. When used effectively, it can give travelers a fresh look at the most mundane (or extraordinary) places. It’s an easy way to improve sightseeing and to give tourists better hotel room experiences.

The average vacationer invests time into trip research and planning. There’s an almost constant need for additional information—one that doesn’t necessarily taper off upon arrival. Augmented reality can be used to assist travelers along the way.

Examples of Augmented Reality (AR) in Travel:

Augmented reality hasn’t taken over travel and tourism (yet). This leaves ample room for currently unexplored or undeveloped AR initiatives. That said, FlightHub and JustFly list some of the more practical uses of the up and coming technology trend below:

1. Travel and Gaming:

The travel and tourism sectors understand how successfully AR has merged with the world of digital gaming. Travel is about discovery and fun. In keeping with this notion, some hospitality businesses have added an element of amusement to entertain their guests.

Some hotels and resorts now offer treasure hunts within their properties. Others allow guests to personalize their rooms with augmented interior décor. Lastly, some travel companies allow customers to see characters from their favorite movies and TV shows.

2. Hotels:

Of all the current uses of augmented reality in the travel and tourism sphere, hotels and resorts are likely the most practical. Some accommodations give guests access to interactive maps within their suites. This essentially turns a once inanimate object into an information hub for travelers.

3. Location Specific Technology:

Still, some travel businesses have taken AR one step further. They’ve developed mobile apps to supplement popular tourist attractions and their surroundings. By aiming a tablet at a restaurant, a user may see the type of cuisine, prices, reviews and current seat availability. A traveler may scan a monument with a smartphone and instantly be given historical data. This allows travelers to dive deeper into new experiences.

Some hotels have other ideas of how best to use augmented reality. They’ve paired AR with Bluetooth technology to allow guests to automatically unlock hotel room doors from specific distances. The possibilities are seemingly infinite.

The digital world is rapidly evolving. As a result, people and businesses are finding new ways to use technology to improve their lifestyles and corporations. With that in mind, the pragmatic functions of augmented reality are hard to ignore, making it one of the most exciting recent innovations in recent history. 

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Source: FlightHub