JustFly and FlightHub on the Traveler's Mindset (Part 2)

​​Between the years 1950 and 2018 the number of international travelers has increased nearly 60-fold. Leisure travel has gone from a luxury of the middle and upper classes to easily accessible to millions of people worldwide. However, traveling effectively requires know-how. 

To help facilitate travel, FlightHub and JustFly have created a brief series of easily applicable tips for travelers around the world. 

Follow the Right Crowd:

Business travelers spend a lot of time in airports. They have tight schedules and are efficient. Whenever possible stand behind them in line.

Try New Things:

Don’t say no before trying something. Novelty allows people to learn more about themselves. Certain activities, foods, and drinks are a rite of passage in some parts of the world. Keep an open mind.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome:

Plan accommodations and some activities for the first few days of the trip but leave room to maneuver. New friends may inspire a change of plans. Opportunities for better accommodations may present themselves. Keep all options open.

Read Reviews, Don’t Live by Them:

Reviews tell one side of the story. Ownership, management and employees change; procedures do too. Give things a second chance. Don’t miss out on what could be a great experience because of someone else.

Expect the Worst:

Mental preparation is a big part of successful travel. Culture shock happens. Language barriers happen. Discrimination happens. Don’t let them ruin an otherwise great trip.

Take Notes:

Write down the names of new acquaintances, places, and activities. Forgetting is inevitable. Preserve memories however possible.

Don’t Compete:

Travel isn’t a competition. It’s not about who visits the most countries. Nobody cares about who sees the most tourist attractions. Travel is personal and subjective. Make the best of it.

Use Hand Gestures:

The use of hands to eat is a sign of care and respect in some countries. Hand gestures are also a great workaround for language barriers. However, be aware of offensive hand gestures. The same gesture may mean something different abroad.

Say Yes Often:

Come out of hiding. Try something new. Get in the habit of saying yes to new things more often (be aware of untrustworthy people and situations).

Learn Something New:

Travel experiences are often unique, based on time and place. A traveler may never have another chance to learn how to make handmade pasta in Italy or scuba dive in Malaysia. Take a one-hour or half-day class. Try to learn a new skill any and everywhere.

Make Playlists:

Science proves music is strongly connected to personal memories. Create a playlist of great music before any trip. This will make memories last longer.

Travel Slowly:

Take as much time as possible. See as much of a place as possible before heading to another destination. This also helps save money as it reduces the need to spend more on transportation.

Travel at Home:

This is one of the most underutilized travel tips ever. Small budget? Low on time? Many travelers play tourist in their home country. It’s affordable, requires less preparation and can be eye-opening.

Be Ethical:

Be conscious of activities that harm animals, the economy or culture. IE: Reserves and sanctuaries are generally good. Zoos are bad. If interacting with people, animals or the environment in a natural and welcoming way isn’t an option, avoid it.

Spend Time Alone:

Spending every moment of every day with someone is tough. Group travelers often share their plans then head off on a solo adventure. It’s a useful way to diffuse a tense situation too. Give it a try.

Bring Back Souvenirs:

There’s no shame in buying souvenirs. They’re good for the local economy and great reminders of good times. Look for small, light, wearable souvenirs like bracelets, necklaces and shirts.

Talk Less, Listen More:

Develop better listening skills. Ask questions. Let people tell their stories. Resist the urge to be the center of attention. People will open up more, and the travel experience will be better.

Leisure travel is on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down. That said, traveling isn’t always a walk in the park. Being aware of how to approach difficult situations can sometimes be the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a stress-filled holiday. Follow this advice by FlightHub and JustFly to become a seasoned traveler in no time. 

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Source: FlightHub