JustFly and FlightHub on How to Save Money and Still Eat Well While Travelling

​Food is one of the best things about travel. Sure, most cities nowadays are equipped with restaurants offering serviceable interpretations of dishes from a variety of nationalities and cultures, but there is almost never anything quite like the real deal. Whether it's the cooking method, the specific local ingredients or even just the authentic setting, trying a dish in its country of origin isn't just pleasurable in the moment; it makes the traveller worldly and wise. Should people choose their destination based on the cuisine? Not necessarily. Should it contribute heavily to that decision? Definitely. The downside is, often, if a place becomes famous for something, they'll compensate for that fame with an increase in price, meaning it may take some savvy to find cheap eats. In that spirit, here are some tips to enjoy authentic cuisine on a budget while travelling.

Avoid the main attractions:

Is there a restaurant at the destination country with worldwide acclaim, so famous that it's the first place on any traveller's mind? Avoid it if possible. This isn't to say that any place with international praise is a tourist trap, but it's likely that such a restaurant is not only pricier but also full of similarly minded travellers. The staff will be accustomed to catering to an international crowd, but the fact that they'll be very busy cancels that out easily. Overall, going to that kind of restaurant and expecting the world is a surefire method to have an inauthentic and disappointing experience. The key with this sort of restaurant, if one is very keen on trying it, is to go in with reasonable expectations.

Step just outside the big city:

Similarly, cities with a lot of touristic attention are likely to have higher prices and, sometimes, lower quality. One will want to find places locals might frequent themselves and, often, that means leaving the well-trodden path. Smaller cities, suburbs, and rural areas will often boast the best low-key eateries and if one is looking for the most authentic representation of a local culture, look no further. And it's not all rough-and-tumble either. Restaurants away from the big tourist spots will be cheaper, less busy and, often, staff will be kinder.

Learn the lingo:

It is an enormous blessing to speak even a little of the local language. The next step is to make sure one can read a menu, or else use translation software, as less touristy restaurants are unlikely to provide multilingual menus. Lastly, a savvy traveller should familiarize themselves with the common local dishes they'd like to try so that one won't be completely daunted when it comes time to order. Travellers should feel free to ask the server or the local diners what they prefer!

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