JustFly and FlightHub on Health and Safety While Traveling

​​Traveling in a healthy and safe way is crucial to every aspect of travel. However, it seems to be discussed far less often than other topics. “There are several ways to maintain a nutrition-rich lifestyle while on the road,” says FlightHub and JustFly’s Matthew Keezer. And the significance of taking the right precautions regarding personal security should never be understated.

To play their part in shifting the narrative, FlightHub and JustFly list the top health and safety tips travelers should keep in mind. See them below.

Travel Light:

This reduces chances of injury and fatigue. Be more mobile and less of a target for potentially dangerous people. Only carry necessities whenever possible. This depends on the traveler, location and planned activities, but the fact remains; less is more.

Buy Groceries:

Eating out is fun, but costly and sometimes unhealthy. Book somewhere with a kitchen and do groceries. At the very least, buy fruit snacks for long days on the road, especially when traveling with kids or large groups.

Make a First Aid Kit:

No one can predict the mishaps that sometimes take place during travel. Assemble a mini first aid kit. Contents to consider: plasters, bandages, safety pins, gloves, tweezers, scissors etc. If someone gets hurt, it’s important to be prepared.

Know Where to Stay:

Choose accommodations carefully. Consider price, distance from airports and proximity to other sights. It goes without saying, but avoid high risk areas, especially in foreign countries. Research. Use Google Street View to get an idea of what the location looks like.

Be Sensible:

Use caution and logic. Don’t leave valuables unattended. In fact, conceal expensive items whenever possible. Steer clear of danger, especially after dark. Know what to do or who to call in emergency situations.

Get Travel Insurance:

Have insurance in case of an emergency, lost baggage, damaged equipment or anything else. Credit card insurance policies should be understood before departure. This is one of the most important travel tips on this list.

Share Itineraries:

Travelers should share their itinerary with one or more reliable people. It takes a few seconds and is crucial during emergencies. Unfortunately, bad things sometimes happen. Take the best precautions.

Get a Checkup:

Get a general checkup before leaving. Find out about potential infectious diseases before arriving in a new place. Get travel vaccines if need be. Better safe than sorry.

Use a VPN:

VPNs are Virtual Private Networks. They’re safe connections to other networks on the Internet. Access regionally blocked sites, mask browsing activity, avoid an information compromise and more.


It’s natural to want to do as much as possible in every new destination. Consider turning it down a notch or two. Traveling is hard work. Rest helps fight jet lag and allows everyone to make the best of their travel experiences.


People often gain weight while traveling. They tend to eat and drink more, but exercise less. Make sure to set aside 15 to 30 minutes each day for some form of fitness. This leads to an overall healthier lifestyle, which in turn allows for more travel. 

Front Pockets:

Pickpockets are fast. Keep cash and IDs safe by placing wallets, money and documents in front pockets. Be vigilant. 


The average traveler has access to a variety of contraceptives. In addition, birth control is sold over the counter in a growing number of countries. Keep this in mind while traveling. 

These tips from FlightHub and JustFly are simple and practical, but most of all, they’re important. Use them whenever possible. Share them with friends, loved ones and colleagues. Make the most of any adventure while staying healthy and safe. 

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Source: JustFly