JustFly and FlightHub Offer the Top 5 Reasons to Visit London

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​​​​​​London! From palaces and museums to pub food and cloudy weather, it’s a city whose name carries so many connotations, which makes sense considering it’s been around for somewhere in the ballpark of 2,000 years. As the Romans (who actually founded the place) would say, London wasn’t built in a day. It can, however, be explored in three. Here are some sights to see and things to try on a long-weekend in jolly old London town, courtesy of Justfly and Flighthub.

1. The landmarks: This is an easy way to get started. London has quite the catalog of iconic sights, including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, and the Globe Theatre, just to name a few. Depending on one’s level of interest, these landmarks can either be looked over in minutes or gawked at for hours, so plan accordingly.​

2. The museums: London has its fair share of museums, whether for art, history, science, or something else. There’s the British Museum, the National Gallery, and the Sir John Soane’s Museum, all in the West End, the famous Natural History Museum in Kensington and Hyde Park, and the breathtaking Tate Modern on the South Bank, and many more.

3. The shops: There’s excellent shopping to be done in London. The fashion-obsessed will find anything from storied heritage brands to edgy streetwear. Bond Street and Oxford Street are home to the big designers, Selfridges and Carnaby Street are famous shopping spots, and Harrods and Savile Row carry some of the fanciest stuff out there. In London, there are plenty of opportunities for some good retail therapy.

4. The hotels: Whether this three-day London visit is a budget getaway or a luxurious treat, there are tons of lodging options. If one is well-funded, the Beaumont Hotel in the West End is certainly an upscale choice. The Rookery is another cool spot, with authentic period decor and up-to-date amenities. For the more frugal, London is home to some wonderful and affordable hostels, such as the Clink78.

5. The food and drink: London presents a fantastic culinary opportunity to its visitors, thanks to a huge array of choices, not only in price point but in a variety of cuisines. London has all the British mainstays you expect, as well as Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Taiwanese, and every manner of European food too. Visit E. Pellicci for a classic English breakfast, and head to the Savoy Hotel for afternoon tea. And for fish and chips, the Golden Hind is certainly a great choice.

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