JustFly and FlightHub Highlight Some Must-Take Trips for the New Year

​​Is there any reason to think everything in people’s lives will be different once the number on the calendar changes? Probably not. Does it mean that they are going to make extravagant plans for themselves regardless? Definitely. Unattainable fitness goals? Check. A huge promotion, or even just wads of cash falling from the sky? Check. A globetrotting adventure? Wouldn’t be the New Year without one (or five). The fast approach of 2020 is a perfect excuse to dream up some fantastical voyages, and with Flighthub and Justfly, they might just happen for real! In all seriousness, planning a trip far in advance is an incredible way to reward oneself for one’s accomplishments throughout the year. Here are some places to consider for a 2020 must-take trip.

Live the Sound of Music fantasy! Austria is famously picturesque, with darling villages, magnificent mountainous vistas, and glittering cities. Austria’s great touristic strength is the availability of both outdoor adventure and urban luxury. One has equal opportunity to hike, kayak, and ski, as well as visit palaces, museums, and incredible restaurants. Austria is beautiful regardless of the season, so book whenever!

We all deserve to escape to a tropical island occasionally, and Barbados is a strong 2020 contender. Obviously, Barbados is well-known for its gorgeous beaches like Rockley and Paynes Bay. Barbados also has Bridgetown, the capital city, and a UNESCO heritage site, with a myriad of cultural, historical, and culinary attractions.

From incredible cityscapes to futuristic greenspaces, Singapore, whose airport is already the gateway to most South-East Asian travel, is becoming an attraction. The Gardens by the Bay, for example, is a massive botanical garden replicating different climates, with a plethora of exotic plants and architecture out of science fiction. Singapore also has authentic cuisine from dozens of Asian cultures.

Get everything in one trip, from mountains to seashores, to cities to deserts. Algeria is the biggest country in Africa, and its varied scenery is a huge benefit. The historically inclined
will find beautifully preserved Roman towns and ruins and the city of Algiers, which acts as a convergence point for all the various cultures that made Algeria what it is today.

Already familiar with Italy and Greece’s Mediterranean vibes? Croatia is here to spice things up. Dubrovnik’s gorgeous ancient architecture, Hvar’s roaring nightlife, Split’s cathedrals and palaces, and Zagreb’s outdoor cafes combine to provide an experience like no other. Croatia has beaches, history, food, and a pulse: everything the discerning 2020 traveler requires. Fans of Game of Thrones might even end up recognizing a location or two, with no risk of dragons showing up to burn the place down!

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Source: FlightHub