Just Released! Power-Packed Book, Pursue Real Hope: Discover an Abundant Life Through Your Pain

Learn to Live Abundantly Despite Chronic Pain with Gordon and Cherise Selley

Pursue Real Hope - Discover Better Living despite Your Pain

 No one is immune from falling into a hopeless pit of chronic pain, whether physical, mental or emotional. It can happen at the drop of a hat and linger long enough to impact each and every aspect of life. And when pain becomes unbearably chronic, what's next?

Gordon and Cherise Selley have dealt with the painful weight of chronic pain for more than 25 years and understand how chronic pain syndromes can build upon each other like layers of wallpaper, making it seem impossible to ever peel back enough of the buildup to return to pain-free living. Yet, they also know what it means to see pain from different perspectives, what it takes to overcome insurmountable obstacles and how to live the best life possible, regardless!

In their small but power-packed book, Pursue Real Hope: Discover an Abundant Life through Your Pain, Gordon and Cherise openly share their true story of suffering, along with real-life lessons, to connect with the millions who suffer from ongoing pain and help guide them toward their own successful journey against the seemingly indestructible forces of chronic suffering.

"In a sense, pain is a universal language among those who suffer," Gordon said. "This book contains valuable nuggets of wisdom and truth that will inspire those ready to experience the 'new' within themselves on an undiscovered path of restoration."

Gordon and Cherise offer profound meanings behind intractable pain, generous portions of spiritual healing and encourage readers to become their own heroes in the battle against painful hardships.

Pursue Real Hope aims to help readers actively take hold of the treasures of hope shared by Gordon and Cherise and use their inspiring words to undergo a journey of life-changing transformation. Pain has a tendency to make people wait. Don't wait. Experience the reality of new richness, unflappable power, overflowing hope, freedom from the shackles of despair and legitimate forward movement through pain's powerful grasp.

Gordon, once a Doctor of Chiropractic, entered into the world of chronic pain in 1993. After having four neck surgeries, CRPS (formerly known as RSD) and still contending with a long-lasting host of other system breakdowns, such as reoccurring kidney stones and rheumatoid arthritis, he has courageously traveled through the myriad of dark spaces about chronic suffering and provides some exceptional recommendations.

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Pursue Real Hope: Discover Better Living despite Your Pain
Publisher: BOSS Media
Release Date: June 15, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-63337-501-7 (Hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-63337-497-3 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-63337-498-0 (eBook)

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Gordon & Cherise Selley
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Source: Gordon and Cherise Selley