JUNO Metabolomics Releases AI-Based Viral Surveillance Platform™

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JUNO Metabolomics today announced the release of the JUNO Viral Surveillance Platform based on its proprietary AI-Based Informatics System. The JUNO Viral Surveillance Platform allows remote testing anywhere in the world for viruses or virus mutations in approximately 15 minutes using a basic saliva sample and a portable mass spectrometer ("MALDI-MS"). JUNO uses the secure "cloud" to send captured data from multiplexed samples downstream to the JUNO AI Server Network™ in real time. Once at the AI Server Network, the JUNO Viral Protein Testing™ software analyzes the specimen against thousands of virus patterns to identify potential viruses in the samples.

Using this technology, JUNO can place its systems anywhere in the world and process hundreds of people per hour in real time to determine whether they have one of many identified viruses. This has obvious implications for positive virus control and helping businesses get back to "normal" operations as quickly as possible.

Given the ever-changing landscape of virus patterns, JUNO will prove to be invaluable in ongoing testing.

"The power of JUNO is the portability of our system to any place in the world where we have Internet "cloud" connectivity," said Stephan Kang, JD, co-founder and CEO of JUNO Metabolomics. "This has enormous implications for any organization of people who need real-time testing so they can get back to work safely, or go to their jobs with confidence that they are safe from exposure from other co-workers."

JUNO Metabolomics began development of their AI-Based Viral Surveillance Platform once the COVID-19 pandemic became a reality in 2020. Their rapid-development technology has resulted in a powerful AI-based system that can help prevent future pandemics.

"The innovation of this technology is centered on several key areas and key to this is that the portable mass spectrometer provides multiplexed capabilities creating a test that can detect multiple viruses from a single analysis to provide future proofing for virus detection and thus it is highly innovative to adapt this technology for viral outbreaks," said Tim Garrett, PhD, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of JUNO. He went on to say: "A portable MALDI instrument represents a game-changer for deployable and powerful instrumentation that can serve as the front-line technology for viral detection in remote and urban areas. Finally, we have created an AI-based systems approach that will capture future novel viruses before they cause health and economic disaster."

About JUNO Metabolomics:

JUNO Metabolomics has introduced next-generation metabolomics by combining the ease of all-in-one portable sampling and processing with the power of cloud connectivity and informatics. The company is led by co-founders Stephan Kang, JD/CEO and Tim Garrett, PhD/Chief Science Officer. JUNO's laboratory is located in Gainesville, FL and its corporate headquarters in Chapel Hill, NC.

Visit www.junometabolomics.com to learn more.

Investors: www.junometabolomics.com/investors.

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