CareONE Concierge Launches New Service Offerings

New service offerings include: In-Home COVID testing, diabetes monitoring, and e-learning programs and are among the many exciting initiatives in place for 2021.

CareONE Concierge recently launched the following services nationwide:

  • COVID-19 Infection & Antibody Testing: A complete suite of clinical testing solutions that have been made available pursuant to the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for diagnostic testing. This includes COVID-19 Infection testing using RT-PCR technology as well as high-quality COVID-19 IgG antibody testing using CMIA technology delivered AT-HOME and IN-OFFICE nationwide
  • Diabetes Remote Patient Monitoring: CareONE Concierge helps patients control their diabetes by leveraging Pharmacists in tracking blood glucose and medication titrations in real-time though a partnership with Diasyst.
  • CareONE DiaBuddytm Club: Created to honor the memory of Steven Joel Sternfeld, who passed away at the age of 45 after struggling with diabetes for most of his adult life, the DiaBuddy Club was created to help underserved communities learn more about how to properly find the best healthcare services to help manage their diabetes.
  • CareONE Academytm: The e-learning education and experiential training platform for PharmD candidates and PharmD graduates that guides participants on their path to Provider Status as a CareONE Concierge Pharmacist. The CareONE Concierge Program ensures that PharmD graduates who successfully complete the e-learning course are immediately offered a job to put their skills to work.

CareONE Concierge is also excited to announce a global partnership with The Pharmacy Podcast Network to sponsor the RXFusion.LIVE broadcast series in 2021 and beyond with a strategic partnership that will be supported by Newswire distribution nationwide. For more information go to

Additionally, CareONE Concierge has expanded its management team with the following named individuals:

  • Dr. Greg L. Alston as Chief Value Officer 
  • Dr. Crystal Cruz as Vice President, Customer Success
  • Dr, Jason Cavolina as Vice President, Clinical Operations
  • Ken Sternfeld as Director of Engagement
  • Jonathan Katz as Chief Operating Officer
  • Dave Rich as Director of Sales

Dr. Greg Alston, Chief Value Officer for CareONE Concierge and also the newly appointed Executive Dean of the CareONE Academy, has an extensive background including mentoring pharmacists in the development of their own private practice. "It's important to help patients recognize how much Pharmacists can do amid a COVID-19 environment. We're making big strides to bring a new standard of patient care for the pharmacy profession with our innovative TelePracticetm model, designed for the new pandemic world," said Alston.

Dr. Crystal Cruz brings over ten years of experience and extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to CareONE Concierge, fulfilling a critical role as Vice President, Customer Success. Dr Cruz noted: "The diversity of combined disciplines and expertise that the management team brings, makes CareONE Concierge a formidable force for PharmD and PharmD Interns within the pharmacy profession, as we move towards Provider Status."

Dr. Jason Cavolina, as co-Founder of RXVIP Concierge, brings his extensive clinical skill set and mentoring skills as the CareONE Concierge Chief Pharmacist Officer. Dr. Cavolina said "The next generation of PharmD candidates entering our profession are the most resilient care providers our profession has ever seen as they follow their pathway to deliver patient-centric care." He added: "It's inspiring to work with them to enhance their careers as they are needed now, more than ever during the pandemic."

Ken Sternfeld as the other co-Founder of RXVIP Concierge noted that CareONE Concierge is poised to deliver tomorrow's provider solutions, today. He added: "We have pivoted the original RXVIP mission to put a Pharmacist in every physician office nationwide, so now we are on that tract utilizing Telehealth platforms. From the new management team, to the new initiatives planned for the balance of 2020 and beyond into next year, CareONE Concierge is moving forward in a way that ensures it continues to educate, empower, and inspire the next generation of pharmacists to practice at the height of their clinical and cognitive skill set."

Jonathan Katz has 25 years' healthcare technology industry experience as both an entrepreneur and a Healthcare IT consultant. He is a co-founder of CircleLink Health link which used healthcare data to improve patient outcomes. He recently worked as CEO of ICS Software, an electronic health record company, where he led a turnaround resulting in an acquisition. Jonathan was also was CIO of AIM, a B2B software company sold for a 20x return on invested capital. Jonathan developed his passion for using technology to address Healthcare while working for MasterCard and designing the Community Health Information Networks (CHINs).

Dave Rich is the Founder and CEO of PMGA, a Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenomics consultancy. PMGA's clients include hospitals and medical centers, physician practices, and self-insured medical plans. Additionally, PMGA provides consulting and contract negotiation services to laboratories and medical device manufacturers seeking "in-network" status with both commercial and government-sponsored health insurance programs. Dave was a Partner at Korn/Ferry International, the largest retained executive search firm in the world. He previously served as Managing Director, Global Risk Management at the Chase Manhattan Bank. 

About CareONE Concierge

CareONE Concierge is committed to delivering health care solutions that meet the needs of patients, providers and the healthcare continuum that work in a world that has been changed forever by the Coronavirus. The company works with physicians and healthcare systems to develop turnkey solutions that increase revenue, enhance quality metrics while delivering better patient outcomes.

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CareONE is committed to deliver health care solutions that meet the needs of patients, providers and the health care continuum that work in a world that has been changed forever by the Coronavirus.

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