JS Bank Joins Roshan Digital Account Initiative and Becomes First Bank to Introduce Account Opening Through WhatsApp

JS Bank has become the latest bank to join the State Bank of Pakistan's Roshan Digital Account (RDA) initiative, which allows non-resident Pakistanis to open their bank accounts digitally. In a recent meeting held at the State Bank of Pakistan and attended by the Presidents of all the banks offering RDA, Basir Shamsie, President - JS Bank shared his vision with Dr. Reza Baqir, Governor State Bank of Pakistan, for how JS Roshan Digital Account will benefit overseas Pakistanis by providing them access to saving schemes and investment opportunities in the country.

JS Bank will also be the first bank in the Pakistani financial industry that allows customers to open RDA accounts via WhatsApp, enabling unmatched ease & convenience for users. This platform is in addition to traditional on-boarding channels, including JS Mobile and the JS Bank Website.

Governor SBP, Dr. Reza Baqir, congratulated JS Bank for becoming part of the distinguished banks in Pakistan offering RDA to Overseas Pakistanis and hoped that JS Bank would effectively play its role in meeting their banking and investment needs. Dr. Baqir specially lauded the effective use of technology and enabling WhatsApp----a social media platform----to open RDA. He said that RDA has integrated Overseas Pakistanis with the economy of Pakistan and now regardless of physical barriers, they are effectively playing their part in improving the country's economy from across the world. He noted the very strong response to RDA from Overseas Pakistanis since its inception one & a half years ago. Dr. Baqir emphasized that the State Bank & the government are fully committed to RDA & that the coming period will see more and more banks joining the initiative & expanding the products being offered to the diaspora.

Basir Shamsie added, "The Pakistani diaspora has long played a critical role in driving our national economy through investments and remittances. We are honoured to be playing our role in facilitating simple & easy banking for overseas Pakistanis while simultaneously supporting the State Bank's vision for enhanced foreign investment leading to country's economic growth."

Alongside account opening, JS Bank will also offer the full suite of RDA's unparalleled value-added services such as Roshan Apni Car Auto Financing & Roshan Apna Ghar Home Financing allowing overseas Pakistanis to purchase a car or home in Pakistan.

Committed to its role as a catalyst towards Pakistan's prosperity, the Bank hopes to continue this journey of impact by providing innovative conventional & digital solutions for customers in the years to come. 

About JS Bank: 

JS Bank is one of the fastest-growing Banks in Pakistan, with both domestic & international presence. The Bank is a leader in the digital banking, SME & consumer loans space and has been recognized on multiple international and national forums. For more information, please visit http://www.jsbl.com


Abida Hasan Ali 

Source: JS Bank