JRPacking Just Released a New How-to Article on Selling Canned Fresh Air to China

There is a market demand and profitable business to be established for selling canned fresh air to China.

JRPacking Just Released a New How-to Article on Selling Canned Fresh Air to China

​JRPacking, a company specializing in design and manufacturing of aerosol filling, liquid filling and paste filling machines, has just released a new article “How To Sell Canned Fresh Air To China? Step By Step Guide,” providing the details on how to launch a successful business selling canned fresh air in the Chinese market. The market has been growing for canned fresh air since early 2016 reports noted that consumers in China were purchasing the product.

China notoriously has bad air pollution, even being listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the world’s deadliest country for outdoor air pollution. More than 1 million people died from dirty air in one year, according to a WHO report. It’s really no wonder then why consumers in China are reaching for the canned fresh air for relief of the persistent air pollution especially in major cities in the country.

“Many businesses can supply a high-quality fresh air source, but few know how to make the fresh air a real commercial product so we’ve written a how-to guide for businesses looking to get into the industry,” says Mr. Derrick, president and CEO of JRPacking. “The article really explains step-by-step how to collect and can fresh air more effectively and efficiently.”

The article notes the process for collecting, canning, and then selling the fresh air, including how to customize fresh air to be different flavors. The article suggests finding a place where there is lush vegetation and less pollution such as forest or mountain area. Then utilizing the equipment such as air compressor, gas tank, and other some supplementary parts like plastic pipes, collect the air. After that, a filling machine is mainly used for filling fresh air into portable bottles. The article goes on to suggest different online sources and ways to then sell the canned fresh air to the Chinese market.

For businesses looking to get into the canned fresh air market, the article is extremely detailed and precise in its process. To read the article and learn more about the company, visit JRPacking.com.

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​JRPacking, located in Wuhan, China, was founded in 1995.  The company specializes in design and manufacturing of aerosol filling machines, liquid filling machines and paste filling machines. These filling machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, agricultural chemical and cosmetic industries. For more information, visit JRPacking.com.

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