Jrpacking Introduces Guide About How Bag on Valve Technology Affects the Quality of Finished Aerosol Products

Identify the problems and have corresponding solutions during bag on valve production is key to getting quality finished aerosol products.

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Jrpacking, a global leader in design and manufacturing aerosol filling machine, today announced a guide for how to get quality finished aerosol products by using bag on valve technology.  

The guide provides all the details about bag on valve technology - from introducing what is bag on valve technology to how bag on valve works, as well as the bag on valve filling process. Most importantly, Chapter 8 includes all the information needed about how to identify if a finished aerosol product is qualified.

“Some people may know what bag on valve packaging is, but even if they know the benefits of bag on valve technology, few know how bag on valve works and what the standards of quality finished aerosol products are. So we published this guide - Bag on Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide,” said Mr. Liu, the CTO of Jrpacking company. “Whether you have questions about the choosing of a bag on valve aerosol filling machine or about the problems during bag on valve packaging, we have all the details in the guide.”

The guide also gives the solutions to each problem that arises during the filling of aerosol products with bag on valve technology. For instance, the gas leakage test is very important for filling any aerosol product, but what is the exact method to test the gas leakage? And what are the solutions? Check out the practical information in the guide.

Besides the problems and solutions of filling aerosol products by bag on valve technology, the guide provides the bag on valve systems as well. Bag on valve systems include BOV cans, BOV valve, what propellant to be used, etc. The information about bag on valve systems helps the producer to find the right components for bag on valve filling needs.

Bag on valve aerosol filling machine’s configuration is highly related to the efficiency of bag on valve packaging. Different types of bag on valve aerosol filling machines will lead to different production results, so to know some helpful information about bag on valve filling machine is necessary.

For people who are in the bag on valve aerosol business and want to learn more about bag on valve packaging, the guide is extremely detailed with all kinds of information about bag on valve technology. Read the guide at Jrpacking.com.

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Jrpacking, located in Wuhan, China, was founded in 1995. The company specializes in design and manufacturing of aerosol filling machines, aerosol test machines and provides turnkey solutions for the aerosol industry. Aerosol filling machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, agricultural chemical and cosmetic industries. For more information, visit jrpacking.com.

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