Joy Organics Survey Shows More Than Half of Americans Polled Are Rethinking the Priority They Place on Health

The data is in and 63 percent are prioritizing health

Joy Organics, a leading wellness brand known for its premium CBD products, polled 2,605 Americans last week to explore how views on health and wellness have evolved due to the COVID-19 crisis. The results were surprising. 

“Just two months ago, we were shaking hands with strangers without a second thought,” says Joy Smith, CEO and co-founder of Joy Organics. “But it’s not just our views on cleanliness that have changed. We as a company have seen a significant increase in people looking to support their health in new ways.”

As the coronavirus spreads across the globe and uncertainty around a solution grows, Americans are shifting their focus to building their immune systems and promoting overall wellness.

“There are few drugs we can rely on if we do get really sick with COVID-19,” says Smith. “Because of this, well-care has become vital. We know our own community feels this way, so we created a poll to see if the rest of Americans feel the same.” 

Last Friday, in a poll conducted by YouGov in partnership with Joy Organics, 63 percent of respondents said the priority they place on their health had increased (either somewhat or greatly) since the start of the crisis, with 29 percent saying that it “greatly increased.”

“While it may be impossible to guarantee health during this time, we at Joy Organics want to do everything in our power to ensure Americans have the resources they need to lead healthier lives,” Smith concluded.

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Source: Joy Organics