Joy Organics Launches CBD Wholesale Training Program for 2022

Joy Organics launches an exclusive training program for retail partners in 2022. The premium, Colorado-based CBD brand bolsters educational resources for its community of small business owners across the country.

"With regulatory changes on the horizon, it's become even more important for small CBD businesses to be prepared to come out ahead," said Jill Holly, Joy Organics VP of Sales.

The bill to regulate CBD as a dietary supplement has sat in Congress and the Senate since early 2021, but some forecasts suggest it might be passed at the beginning of 2022. This change could usher in larger competition, and leave small, unprepared CBD businesses in the dust. 

"Our training programs are always evolving with the industry—to best equip our partners to come out and on top," said Holly. "In 2018, that meant providing the best CBD education for skeptical consumers. In the beginning of the pandemic, that meant supporting storefronts by exploring innovative strategies to stay in business despite social distancing mandates and shutdowns. No matter what industry changes lie ahead, we'll continue to empower and inform our partners." 

Joy Organics' training program includes educational videos, monthly Zooms, and more, and is likely the most robust in the industry. To gain access to this exclusive content, one only needs to join the thousands of successful Joy Organics retail partners. 

Joy Organics Wholesale Program has a variety of benefits, including low order minimums, rigorous third-party testing, and uncompromising quality standards. The family-founded brand sells a variety of ingestible and topical CBD products, including gummies, tinctures, softgels, lotions, and more. 

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Source: Joy Organics