Joseph Maenza Shares Key Insights on How to Turn Great Ideas Into Moneymaking Avenues

Joseph Maenza

Joseph Maenza shares incredible insights on turning entertainment ideas into money-making streams. Ideas with potential for commercial success become ventures, opening a whole marketplace of products, consumers, creators, audiences, and other stakeholders. The Founder of Maenza Enterprises LLC has demonstrated sheer credibility in bringing his company to the frontiers of sports, music, print media, fashion, and television.

He adds: "monetization is the technique to leverage ideas for their money-making potential. Unless the work is strictly attributed to following avant-garde values, all ideas and products (tangible or intangible) are valued in the marketplace for their business potential."

A keen eye for talent that brings big bucks

Maenza, a graduate of law in the United States, started his career in the sports field. He quickly made an impression of becoming a full-time sports agent. Maenza shares, "it's important to have a keen eye on recognizing potential and weighing athletes against the commercial success they can bring."

For this reason alone, Maenza became one of the most highlighted sports agents at the start of his career. Maenza represented more than 100 athletes in Major League baseball. He has practiced as an agent and business manager. His high-profile sports agent career saw him representing the former boxing middleweight champion, Tommy Hearns, world-class baseball player Tim Raines, and MLB Rookie of the Year Ozzie Guillen.

Enter Hollywood

Maenza also set eyes on securing a much larger stake and was focused on entering the mainstream spectrum of Hollywood and New York. At this point, it was proven that Joseph Maenza was not the best sports agent, but the best man to assess talent which can be stretched for maximum success.

Maenza states, "if you are not moving up with the times, you may soon become irrelevant." He understood the growing seen of Hollywood and the community of novice artists who were emerging left, right, and center in the United States, oozing potential, which could allow them to touch the skies.

"If an artist today manages to claim noteworthy success, it not only narrows down to their skills or talents but also the sheer hard work and strategic input of people behind them. The second person here is always the representative of artists," adds Maenza.

Maenza moved to Miami to mark his potential. He ventured into the music and publishing business as it was swamping of hungry artists and professionals. New York's Hip Hop scene was on an upward trajectory, and having an eye for success, Maenza decided to step foot in the same direction.

He was especially attracted by the whole culture of artists and other personnel associated with the Hip Hop industry, and the sales figures which moved the whole industry. One of Maenza's strongest highlights came when he managed Will-To-Power, a Dance Pop group whose songs, "Fading Away" and "Say it Gonna Rain," continue to rake in millions of hits on streaming platforms. Despite being largely involved and focused on Hip Hop, Maenza was not shortsighted concerning his surroundings and led the no. 1 pop song, "Baby I Love Your Way."

After making a stunning impression in Hollywood, Maenza launched a handful of fashion magazines earning mega success. He has been an investor and Publishing Director of "Zink," an award-winning fashion magazine from New York.

Today, the powerful female group "Expose" has earned massive success in music and is represented by Maenza, who is considered instrumental in their success. The trio has hit no. 1 multi-gold and platinum records, which are reflections of Maenza's work and determination.

An empire in the making

After making a stunning impression in Hollywood, Maenza launched a handful of fashion magazines earning mega success. He has been an investor and Publishing Director of "Zink," an award-winning fashion magazine from New York.

He also produces a live talent-hunt show in search to launch Latina supermodels, which is aired on Univision, Caracol Television, and Telemundo. This opportunity led Maenza to further reinforce his network in the industry. He has partnered with the Emmy-winning Producer, Alonzo Brown, to work on a Universal's Motion Picture production called "Honey," based on a Latina Hip Hop dancer. The production grossed more than $60 million across the world and marked the start of Maenza on the big screen.

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