Join the New Civil Rights Alliance for a Peaceful Open-Carry Protest in Front of the YG Group Who Promotes Violence

The New Civil Rights Alliance (NCRA) declares war on cultural violence represented by “Meet the Flockers,” a racist video produced by rapper YG which incites violence and home invasions targeting Asian Americans and their families. We will not stand silent. Crime is NOT COOL. 

Our first protest was at YG’s concert in Washington, DC on October 12.  This second protest is the FIRST open-carry protest for our community against cultural violence, and it is now at YG’s concert in Philadelphia. 

WE DO NOT WANT TO PROVOKE VIOLENCE AGAINST ANYBODY.  However, we just want to have the ability to defend our families when dangers are present.

Let’s unite all Americans for a better and safer future for our communities!

Join the New Civil Rights Alliance

— the African American, Hispanic, White, and Asian American communities —

to Protest against Cultural Violence when rapper YG has a concert in the Philadephia Region


Theatre of Living Arts
334 South Street, Philadelphia, PA  19147


Saturday, Oct 15, 2016, 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Voice Out:  Stop Cultural Violence!

What is the New Civil Rights Movement?

To promote a culture of true equality beyond equality on paper.

  • Truly respect every individual, regardless of race or background
  • Hold every person accountable for his or her own actions, with the same standard
  • No discrimination, no preference
  • Applaud the cultural aspects that promotes civility, responsibility, and achievement
  • Denounce the cultural aspects that promote crime and heinous bias
  • No tolerance for cultural violence

NCRA Website: 
NCRA Declares War on Cultural Violence Video:

For further information about the protest, please contact Mr. Cliff Zhonggang Li, Secretary General of the New Civil Rights Alliance (NCRA). Call NCRA direct at 954-233-0672 x 527 or email us at 

Source: New Civil Rights Alliance (NCRA)