"Johnny Five's Jump Rope": An Enhanced Jumping Rope That Offers Adjustability, Resistance and Comfort

"Johnny Five's Jump Rope" is a weighted jumping rope to enhance fitness levels.

​Exercise equipment is all the rage and every age group and gender seems fixed on what work best for him or her.  Johnny Five’s Jump Rope is an enhanced jumping rope that offers adjustability, resistance and comfort for any user regardless of current fitness level. It is specially designed to optimize personal workouts with the intent to provide users from novice exercises to seasoned athletes with a more efficient and easy-to-use device for cardio, core and arm strength training.
The device is heavy duty and professional quality measuring approximately ten feet from handle to handle. With an adjustable length to comfortably accommodate a user’s stature, the rope is joined to the handles via rotating spring clips. the handles are designed to reduce fatigue by incorporating two styles of foam rubber grips, soft or firm. The resistance qualities are found in the handles and serve to house up to five precision ball-bearing weights, each weighing one ounce. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Johnny Five’s Jump Rope.
The Patent Pending Johnny Five’s Jump Road was invented by John Biedrzycki and Christopher Miliano of Wildwood, NJ who said, “We believe this will revolutionize the fitness industry. It can be used anywhere and transported with ease providing the user with a total body workout.”

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