Jim Glaser Law Announces Safe Driver Scholarship

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Jim Glaser Law, a personal injury law firm serving Massachusetts, is proud to announce its Safe Driver Scholarship, which will offer one student in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New Hampshire $1,000 to be applied towards their tuition or other education-related expenses. 

This is the law firm’s second time offering a scholarship opportunity for local students. The winner will submit an essay that best answers the question: “How have either you or someone you know been affected by a car accident and what is the importance of doing your part to keep our roads safe?”

Encouraging safe driving practices among young people is important to the team at Jim Glaser Law. They hope the Safe Driver Scholarship will not only aid a young student on their educational journey but also stress the importance of being a safe driver in his/her community.

Jim Glaser Law Promotes Safe Driving

The name of the scholarship, “Safe Driver,” is one that resonates with founder and lead attorney Jim Glaser on a personal level. 

As a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, Jim Glaser sees the devastating effects of unsafe driving every day. The team at Jim Glaser Law represents individuals who have been hurt in car accidents due to another driver’s carelessness. Many times, the victims of these accidents are left with huge medical bills, car repair expenses, and the unimaginable pain that comes with being injured in an accident.

“Reckless and distracted driving is an epidemic on our roads,” Glaser said. He and his team at Jim Glaser Law see the consequences first-hand, ranging from broken bones to the loss of a loved one. It is his goal to protect the legal interests of injured individuals and help them through the many challenges that follow being involved in a car accident.

Through this commitment, Glaser is also passionate about finding ways to make our roads a safer place. Starting the 2019 Safe Driver Scholarship is one way he hopes to do that.

“We hope that this scholarship will inspire young people to drive safely and promote safe driving behaviors among their friends and family members,” Glaser said.

How to Apply

To apply for the Jim Glaser Law Safe Driver Scholarship, interested students can find out who qualifies and how to submit an application on the firm’s website. All applications must be submitted by Dec. 31, 2019.

To learn more about Jim Glaser, his legal team, and what they can do for people after being involved in a car accident, click here. ​

Source: Jim Glaser Law