Jetall Companies CEO Ali Choudhri Introduces Houston's First Eyelock Retina Scanner Security System

Jetall Companies’ CEO Ali Choudhri is proud to introduce Houston’s first EyeLock retina scanner security system. The EyeLock scanners will provide increased building security and protect tenants from unauthorized access to Jetall properties.

Jetall Companies is utilizing EyeLock’s latest control peripheral technology, the nano NXT. The design is sleek and low profile, and the technology is powerful and accurate. The nano NXT has revolutionized how identities are protected, authenticated and managed. It can authenticate up to 20 people per minute, in-motion, at a distance with unparalleled accuracy.  

“We are thrilled to provide secure, cutting-edge technology to our tenants. Jetall Companies is constantly striving to procure innovative and efficient security to provide our tenants not only safety, but peace of mind. As the first real estate company in Houston to install EyeLock retina scanners to our buildings, we have accomplished that goal,” said Ali Choudhri.

Jetall tenants can easily enroll in the program in five minutes or less. They must simply schedule an appointment with a Jetall Security Lead, who will scan the employees’ eyes. This information is then stored in the system, and the tenant is officially registered.

Founded in 1961, Jetall Companies is a high-growth real estate company that develops and invests in office, retail, and residential properties. Jetall Companies focuses on core real estate markets, investing in a large spectrum of targeted markets to create high-quality locations and amenities.

Source: Jetall Companies


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